CS Lewis Experience

I’m at the CS Lewis writers conference. So excited to be here. Let me just thank the person who cancelled and gave me their spot. I’m here by the skin of my teeth.

Before coming I contacted the CS Lewis foundation to see if they would let me donate a piece of my artwork from my God’s Word Collectible gift series for a door prize. They were delighted. This dragon and little boy seems to fit so well into the theme of “Writing Past the Watchful Dragons.” It sits on the registration table waiting for its new home.

I have met so many people this morning. I must say this conference has got to be the best kept secret. More people will be here for the main conference but the writers conference is in its infancy and so we have a lot of the presenters all to ourselves! All of the people at the foundation are incredible. I met Stan Mattson the director of the Foundation and I was impressed with his humbleness and spirit. It must be great to see such a dream come together. I can’t wait to hear more about the university. More on that when I know.

I listened to two talks this morning. One from Lael Arrington on “Creative Elements Nonfiction.” I must say it was a hard choice to make as I had to miss Frank Ball’s “Writing A Captivating Story” and Matt Boyleston “Writing Religious Poetry.”

Here are some sketches in my notes from Lael Arrington ” I don’t want to know what you know, I want to experience what you experience,” “Scene more than summary” ” A Great Deal has been Lost” “Stake worth Fighting for” “Unpack the struggle in your own heart first.” I know those comments won’t mean anything to anyone but me. But they are highlighted for me to revisit.

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