Harvey- Local If You Want To Help By…..

LOCALS – IF YOU WANT TO HELP BY-1. Taking people into your home. 2. Helping shuttle people from a point in GO/OF to their families elsewhere. 

If this post moves you let me know. I’m ready to try this.I’m headed down to the GRB to see. ( I did not remember that I had to put all of the brackets in my van before I could shuttle people. Neighbor men loaded the seats. I can probably take 10 people at a time.

I have one child seat. Thank you guys.) I have no idea what I am doing. Plan is, go PRAY. Talk to people and ask God to show me who needs a place or transport to a family member. I’ll post on neighborhood forum to see who wants to take in this family temporarily or for a while. Maybe the family can shower, have a good meal and then you can make arrangements to get them to their extended families once roads clear. If you are willing to do this please post on this post on MY facebook page. Please also let me know how many rooms and if you would prefer people with children, no children or even pets. I can’t always find my posts I post in OF or GO forums. If this grows I may need someone to help me organize a digital version of this. I have no idea how to monitor this. I want our Guests to be safe. Everyone doing this must know we do this at our own risk. I trust in divine guidance. I am planning on taking at least 5 people into my home. Others who can’t take people in and are willing to help provide hot meals and groceries for the homes that do this would be appreciated. If there is anyone from my church Bill Laucher that needs placement or has room let me know. 

I WONT HAVE MY COMPUTER. I will be posting the needs as I find them from a tiny phone. so seeing posts here is the key. I’m going to try and pin this post to the top of my feed and make it global. If I have a family for you, perhaps you can text me on my phone. I DO NOT HAVE PRIVATE MESSAGE ON FACEBOOK ON MY PHONE DO NOT PM me I won’t get it. I will not be able to see PM’s

 MEANWHILE list your availability below: Is it a home, shuttle to others, can cook meals for families and provide groceries for host homes, and pray. Thanks. 

THOSE OUT OF STATE-As we place families and see their needs I’ll let you know so perhaps you can help sponsor that family.

Harvey – Update And An Idea

Update and an idea.
I am very thankful that I have stayed dry during this storm. So many have not. I have a bit of survivors remorse. Everyone wants to help everywhere and I, like others, am trying to figure out where I can be of most use, and still not compromise my recovery from bronchitis.

One thing i am good at is organization, communication, creative ideas and bringing people together so I am trying to figure out how to use those talents in a small way to help with recovery.

Streets within my area are passable. Some highways are opening up. There are two things that are on my heart. The relocation of individuals in the GRB or NRG is not something that the City of Houston can handle on their own. There are just too many people.Two days ago I posted on neighborhood forums I have neighbors who have said they would open their homes and I have three bedrooms vacant here. I have warned everyone they do this at their own liability. I can only pray that God leads me to the right people.

I know family and friends- for some this action may sound like a dangerous thing to do, but I can’t just leave my rooms vacant when I watch mom and babies sitting on floors in the GRB. There are not enough showers there. As always there are a mix of people and some have expressed their concerns that their kids see such things. My thought is to try and get help to put my van seats in,( ANYONE NEARBY THAT CAN HELP?) I’ll go down there, and see what I can see and if this will work. Yesterday I posted on Sherry Williams KHOU facebook page. She interviewed my about the Alice project. I thought since she is at the George R Brown, she might be able to give some advice or suggestion in making this work. But I’m sure they are very busy. Maybe with prayer and direction I can find some people who can either be relocated to something more comfortable in our homes in Garden Oaks – Houston Oak Forest Homeowners Association or create a shuttle service with volunteers that might possibly be able to reunite these people with loved ones who are high and dry. What that looks like in my head is- I meet someone they say they have reports that their family in wherever is fine. They have no car, clothes or resources to get there. I can either take them or shuttle them to a place where individual volunteers can relocate them. This works in my head. If you are a praying person, please pray that the path before me be opened up. Meanwhile, I think I need to drop off my wet dry shop vac and fans to someone who might need them in the hood.

Also, if you have any insights or suggestion or want to volunteer in anyway with this crazy plan let me know. I may also need some another car seat or little baby carrier seat, be sure it is marked with your name and phone number so I can get it back to you. I have one child’s seat now. If we create a shuttle system then others may need it as well.


Please don’t judge the people and authorities of Texas and Houston. I am in this, and I have great respect for their actions. There are reasons for their choices. Reasons that many people, not living in the south, will ever understand.

I have heard people say, Why didn’t they evacuate? First, let me explain. Hurricanes are unpredictable. There is no way to tell which way they will go. Many factors made this bad.

1. STALED STORM Pressure from the north and west held Harvey over Texas. Houston was on the dirty side or the east side of the storm. This means rain, wind, tornadoes and a ton of things just like we experienced.

2. HARVEY WANTS TO MAKE ANOTHER ENTRANCE Harvey is pushing back out into the gulf and walking. He is literally, walking and not moving. He is pushing up moisture from the Gulf like a mean big brother on the beach testing our patience. We are still on the dirty side. More rain. If he comes to our East, we will be in much better shape. At this writing, he is not. No one is talking about the possibility that Harvey, as a storm in the Gulf. It could push water back up the bay and into already flooded areas. That is what hurricanes do; they push water up into areas along the coast. I’m sure no one wants to look at that scenario. We have so much to consider at hand.

First, note that Houston is only 80 feet above sea level. Low altitude is why my head spins when I go almost anywhere. Houston area consists of a series of creeks and bayous reservoirs and lakes that hold back water and help water to flow. Some are released when at capacity. When working properly, these do work. Sometimes they don’t. Sometimes people flood. Down river, people flood. I don’t know how they can live in such areas knowing this can happen, but they do. Some Houston streets flood during heavy rain and we all have it drilled into our heads “Turn around Don’t Drown.” We watch that. I know how easy it is to misjudge water. I was out the other night and could not see a thing. It was terrifying. Being born in Buffalo, NY, I have lived in snowstorms. You can put snow somewhere. You can’t do much with water. It runs, it erodes, and it can destroy very fast.

Everything flows from north and west of Houston through Houston or around in the case of some creeks, to Galveston Bay. I recently posted a map and a post about the bayous. The amount of rain Houston has had can not be blamed on anyone. We usually receive around 49.77 inches of rain in Houston a year. A little known tropical storm called Alison in 2001 might compare. It happened three months before 9/11, and we were forgotten down here. It was just a tropical storm, but once again, it brought a lot of rain rather quickly. According to wiki “The six-day rainfall in Houston amounted to 38.6 inches (980 mm). The deluge of rainfall flooded 95,000 automobiles and 73,000 houses throughout Harris County. Tropical Storm Allison destroyed 2,744 homes, leaving 30,000 homeless with residential damages totaling to $1.76 billion (2001 USD, $2.29 billion 2012 USD).” As I said, Harvey’s rainfall will exceed that, in just a few days. The stats will exceed that. The service core of engineers has never experienced this. No one has. They are calling it a once in an 800-year flood. What the heck does that mean?

The only thing I can frown at is whoever is responsible in the City of Houston who continues to allow so many new buildings in Houston with less green space. New buildings leave less room for water to be absorbed. I would love to rant about the city preventing new construction or demanding green space, but there is no reason to look at this now. For right now, a large amount of water has to get to the bay. It has to go somewhere.

We have learned from the many storms that there is a way to evacuate. The process is that the lower lying areas or those that are first in harm’s way must be the priority. If everyone from Houston got on the freeways and evacuated, then those in real trouble could not get out. An example was the horrific Hurrican Rita evacuation in 2005. Rita was just weeks after Katrina. And Rita was going to be stronger than Katrina. We were all a little shell shocked down here. During Hurricane Rita, people panicked and according to Wiki “An estimated 2.5 – 3.7 million people fled before Rita’s landfall, making it one of the largest evacuations in United States’ history.”

I was here. I stayed. Here is what happened. It was wall to wall cars. No one could move. It was hot, and gas ran out in the cars on the road. No one could get gas in to help the stranded. I fielded phone calls from friends who were caught in traffic for hours. Many finally turned around, but that was impossible because the city then opened the southbound to go north. It was excruciatingly hot and dangerous. I see the reports say that 90-118 people died even before the storm. A bus of elderly started on fire, and all were killed. These same roads and feeder roads that people traveled on are now under water in this storm. Evacuation of so many people is impossible. And, remember no one could understand how the other factors would play in this storm. The weather men do an excellent job of predicting, but they can’t be sure. People prepared the best they could. Some did bug out.

Some people are new to the Houston area and don’t realize how sensitive things can be or how drastic they can be. People also become complacent. There are people here who are in their 20 and 30’s who can’t say or know what it is like to go through this as an adult. They can’t say, well I remember Rita, or Ike, Carla or Allison.
I have lived in this house for 35 years. I have been through Alicia, in 83, Allison in 2001, Rita in 2005, Ike 2008, and Harvey in 2017. I have never seen this. Though Allison was similar, as far as flooding, Harvey will put Allison to shame.

As of this writing, it is not over. Some things can happen that can make this even worse. These would be; more rain, high winds or structure failures anywhere along the water areas. If something blocks the waters, then things back up upstream. Plus the ground is so saturated; this is the time that trees uproot. I mentioned the water that could be pushed up the bay if Harvey hangs around. I can’t even think of that.

I’m proud of how those in authority handled and are handling things, and I’m here. I can tell you now, after living through Allison, Houston has a long row to hoe, and at this writing, until mean big brother Harvey decides to quit picking on us and go away, we won’t know how bad things will be. We will recover because Houston is stronger than Harvey, but one thing is sure, in my book, this is no one’s fault.

Making Friends With The Deceased- Being a Part of Family and History

When I’m not sculpting monumental Alice in Wonderland characters, you may often find me making friends with the deceased.  That is what someone told me years ago. It took me aback, but I realized that is what I do.  I create posthumous sculptures, and like the video for Texas Country Reporter states, I get to know my subject very personally and at special times I’m now realizing, I get adopted into a family.  I can feel that now as I work with my new sculpture of Norma Zenteno, an incredible musician who died of breast cancer. The “feeling like family” and becoming friends also extends to those four-legged critters as  part of the Norma project I’m sculpting Kippy, a rescue dog from Barrio Dogs.  I feel the warmth of family in this new commission, and this weekend I felt the warmth of family as I visited an old friend.

I sculpted Patsy over 11 years ago in 2005/2006. Looking back it was an interesting time of transition. I had just built my new studio behind my home, began a regular blog on my website, and was writing a book on the process of sculpting the deceased- still unpublished.

A few years ago I began to receive invitations to a family party on the Patren Ranch. This is a ranch that has been in Patsy’s family for over 100 years.   David, Patsy’s son and his wife Becky live on the property.  David is also a musician so besides visiting the sculpture of Patsy under a large old oak, where “tree Whisky” hangs, there is always great live music.  Though it is a long drive home, I had to stay late, just to hear David play his fiddle and see the family begin to join in on the revelry. If you know me, you know I’m all about the music, either dancing or joining in on harmony, it is one of those other favorite things that I do.  The rolling hills and the old refurbished family home, now a museum complete with the German history of the area leaves me feeling nostalgic and sentimental.  Clusters of Blacked-Eyed Susans crop up in wild areas, and crickets hop over my sneakers on patches of dry mowed lawn as I wonder the fields.   An olive grove was put in by Patsy’s husband, Howard a few years back and I’m tickled to go see the progress. I ramble past the new old “kitchen” building.  Howard tells me they are  building it from reclaimed wood. I hear it will be the “music” building.  I have longed for property for which to grow my business, and for which to grow historical relevance and pass on to the family.  While walking through the main house, a charming young man grabs my hand, shakes it hard, and says, “I’m Cody, Howard’s grandson, I’m so pleased you are here.” His intensity, charm, and warmth radiate from him. I watch later as it spreads on stage with his singing.  I know very few people invited to this gathering save for Howard, Patsy husband and Jennie, Patsy’s best friend who posed for the sculpture. But the family embraces me like I’m a relative who has been away on a journey. With the tight schedule of the Alice Project, I have been away and have not been able to attend a Patren Ranch party in a while. It is good to be back.

Tree whiskey “Patren Ranch.
The story is told that Patsy’s
grandpa had a still. Grandma didn’t believe
in drink, so her grandpa
would hide the whiskey bottles
high up in the trees.
The workers could be found taking
more than a rest under one of these old trees

Howard and I sit by the new pool, as the sun sets over the rolled up bales of hay in the field, me dangling my toes in the water and talking as I watch the family dogs jump in and sit on the pool ledge slightly submerged in the water.  I am sure this was built for them. They bound out, sniff me and Howard, and then chase after their mates clearing the small stone fence like graceful equine jumpers. It is a playful ritual that is repeated several times during our visit and endears me to the family, and property all the more.  I sip a frozen margarita and Howard and I talk about the last ten years and my career. It forces me to reflect on my accomplishments. I’m glad I brought him a copy of my book. I’m extremely thankful for all of the commissions that have brought me to this point in my life.

Later, a  young woman gathers around my prime seat in front of the stage, my space where I have parked my things for the last several hours. She says, “I need a chair like that. It looks so comfortable.” I tell her it is my camping chair and stool. “Do you go camping a lot,” she asks. “I love to,” I say. Her reply makes me laugh, ” Well I am not a camper but I like sitting and that is a fine chair for that.”  Not long after that I pack up my “fine chair” and prepare for my long drive down the back country road to  Houston.

The music, the family, the incredible refreshing property that is Patron and the memories have refreshed me. I think of all the people who have referred to my sculpture and said, “I’m so glad we have Patsy to visit.”  I have become a part of a memory, a part of the history of this family and this property through my work. I’m so very honored. Thank you, Patsy.

Look Past The Whimsy To The Love

Today I went to Evelyn’s Park. I have not been there since the grand opening April 22, 2017. The grand opening for me was exciting, but also a little bit sad, I had hoped my sculpture would be there for all to enjoy.

The dedication plaque is a separate piece. Here is the message from the Rubensteins. Remember the love, when you look at the whimsy.

Today I went to the park, and especially the memorial garden. Many may not know that there is a special place in the park. It is on the south-east corner of the park and is called Evelyn’s Memorial Garden. You will know it because the pathway changes. It goes from pea gravel to gray brick.  In the middle of this memorial garden, there is a spot that is filled with brown mulch and empty. That is where the sculpture of the Mad Hatter tea party will go.

I was delighted that the hard work of the Rubnestein family and foundation had finally come to fruition. It was a long road for them, and they worked hard to get the park to this point.  No one, but them and those who dedicated themselves to getting the park done, knows how hard that was.  I wanted to go there today and think about that. I wanted to think about Evelyn and how thankful I am that I have been a part of creating a memory in honor of a woman that will be cherished by many. A memory that two boys began, because they loved their mom.  I’m thinking back to the dedication plaque

I think we are all so caught up in the idea of the whimsy of the sculpture, and the hidden objects, that somehow the love, the true meaning of this sculpture has been overlooked. Today I went to Evelyn’s Park and talked to Evelyn. On my way. I was overwhelmed with the need and sorrow that I did not bring a rock. I am not Jewish, but my best friend is, and I grew up surrounded by the Jewish culture. Because I also create many sculptures of deceased loved ones I have studied death and the traditions surrounding death.  The Jewish traditions surrounding death are some of the most endearing.  But my urgency for a rock came from a simple custom combined with my absolute love of rocks. I collect them from wherever I go. Rocks line my window sills. In the Jewish tradition, it is customary to bring a rock to the grave of a loved one.

On the book sits a mouse reading the copy. At the top of a book the white rabbit jumps down a hole.

In article I found on my Jewish learning  they quoteRabbi Simkha Weintraub, rabbinic director of the New York Jewish Healing Center . “They say that by placing the stone, we show that we have been there, and that the individual’s memory continues to live on in and through us.”

I don’t know where Evelyn is buried, but I want to celebrate her life. I have studied her as I was also commissioned to do a sculpture of her for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center.   I have been celebrating her life all through the last few years by creating this sculpture. Her children have celebrated her by creating this park, and by commissioning me to do this sculpture for the park in her memory.  I do know she was an amazingly strong woman, and I hope I can have her strength, courage and business sense as I proceed in my life.   I have decided that I may go and walk this pathway once a week until the sculpture is placed. Don’t be surprised if you see random rocks in the midst of the empty spot.  I will be culling through my personal collection and placing them there to honor Evelyn and her memory.

If you go to the park, after the sculpture is installed, look behind this book and dedication plaque. If you see a rock, now you will know what it means, and perhaps you will know that I have been there, or maybe others, and that her memory is indeed continuing to live on, in and through us. We are celebrating the memory of her and finding her love through the whimsy.

Dedication plaque reads…

Once upon a time,
In a land called Bellaire, there were two brothers,
Bo and Jerry Rubenstein.

The boys wanted to do something special,
To honor their mother, Evelyn.
Evelyn would often say,

“The way to make a difference is by giving and sharing.”
And so, in her memory,
The brothers created Evelyn’s Park
And placed within it


Life Is A Magical Adventure…

Life is a magical adventure…
Throughout my life, each morning, I have purposely planted my foot into the intent of an adventure. Grant it, now that I have been doing this for so so long, my feet crack a bit more before the full movement, but my heart steps with the grand conviction that, over the years, has seeped into every one of my pores.

Today is the day, where I will accomplish one of the biggest steps in the treasure hunt that is my life. If there is a certain task set before me, I do it knowing that this one task is going to add to the others. It is like flipping the dial on the secret decoder ring that I coveted as a child. They all go together to become one grand clarification. I’m excited about meeting others as I truly feel that they have been sent, placed in my path to help me to find the rest of the secrets that are my treasure hunt. Or, I may be the secret giver in my rendezvous. I might not know what the secret is that I am supposed to share. It may be a word, an action, or just simply listening at the right time. My path of treasure huntings crosses another person. We are all looking for the magic that is a part of life. I’m honored to be a part of their journey.

If I wake up sick, I try not to be concerned as I might be fooled to think that this day is not a part of the great adventure. But I try to remember that when I am well, I will see the magic all the brighter because of the day that tries to shroud. Words and treasures may be harder to see and find, but they are in this day as well.
If there is an obstacle in my way, I try to examine it. Was this part of the magical journey, am I to go in another direction? Will the tools I use and the people I meet to get through this obstacle be a great part of the adventure and give the entire thing so much more meaning?

If I don’t meet anyone, I listen for the words. These are outward words or ones I hear in my thoughts. Many have forgotten the magic that is in the silence. They have missed the greatest tool to help them find their treasures. They don’t realize that there are magical creatures that wait between asleep and awake to help you with your journey.

I try to play often, as this will release those treasures very quick. It is a very important part of the magic. I am also trying hard to remember to stop the adultness and play with the grandchild. These little messengers, though little, hold great treasures to my journey. If I am busy, I will miss it.

I read, or listen to audio books that may be a part of that treasure hunt. When I hear a phrase, I wright it down in the hopes of remembering it, deciphering it and finding its place into the entire enterprise of magical days.

It is strange to think that others do not live this way. Some might say that I have a Pollyanna attitude or that I am not in touch with reality. Others might say that life is dismal and I am betraying it by my thoughts.

I think…
When you open your inbox expecting some miracle or adventure-every-day, when you search for the fascination and possibilities in each encounter, it makes life so much more fun. If others think I am bewitched, befuddled or betrayed, let them think so. However, you may find me looking on with amusement, as I take your words, turn the decoder ring and mark in my notebook for further clarification on this as part of my grand magical and wondrous adventure.

Seeking Literary Agent- Nonfiction

Mad Hatter clay sculpture by Houston, Texas sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

There is no doubt that there has been madness in this last year as I am finding my way out of the rabbit hole. I have been on a curious adventure of creating a monumental bronze sculpture of Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter Tea Party, complete with 150 hidden objects to honor the 150th anniversary of the endearing story. It was more than serendipity that I use both traditional sculpting and digital technology in creating Alice and that my new book, “3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling” came out in November 2015 just a few months after signing the contract for Alice.

Texas sculptor Bridgette MOngeon with Alice in Wonderland in Evelyn's Park.

3D printing and 3D Technology are hot topics and Alice in Wonderland is loved by many. Put these things together and it is a Wonderland of adventure that the media is eating up. Now that I have completed the sculpting of the project, and we have set the unveiling for March 2017, I’m ready to begin writing a book I tentatively title, “Finding Alice: A Curious Adventure of Fine Art and Digital Technology.” In this book, I’ll document the creating of the monumental bronze that will be a coveted dining experience for all who visit Evelyn’s  park in Bellaire Texas, outside of Houston.

I intentionally pushed the limits of combing traditional sculpture with digital technology in the entire creation. You could say Alice has gotten large and small more times than in the book, and she has done it not with elixirs and mushroom but with technology. This adventure of technology will culminate with a 3D scan created at the park after the installation. This scan will make a virtual reality tour of the sculpture experience that anyone from anywhere in the world can visit. When they do, it will continually promote my new book.

“I can’t wait to find the hidden objects. Will there be a list somewhere?” I am asked this question often. My response, “You will have to get my book.”

Marketing is a hobby of mine, and I’m delighted that some of the major digital companies have agreed to do some co-marketing with me on the project and the technology. The marketing will begin very soon. I hope to have a publisher for this new book by the time this media goes out, and the whirlwind of media happens on the unveiling of the sculpture in March 2017.

Building upon speaking at maker spaces, colleges, national art organizations and 3D Printing World Expo, I’m already booking lectures for next year surrounding the topic of fine art and 3D technology. My hope is that this book, as my other, will be purchased not only as a coffee table book and for those who are intrigued and love Alice, but also as a textbook.

I would like to find a representative for this book project and the other books that I am creating. Being a writer and a sculptor who loves marketing is three full-time jobs, finding an agent helps to relieve me from that pressure and lets me focus on what I do best.

I’m attaching a list of some recent publicity on the project and my art, with links. You need to see this sculpture in person to understand the magnitude of it. I’m looking forward to talking and will be putting together a book proposal as soon as the last pieces of Alice goes off to Shidoni foundry in October. I await your response.

Bridgette Mongeon

Houston Life- 3D Technology in Fine Art – September 9, 2016

Local Houston Arts Magazine– September 2016. Cover and page 46-47

30 Most Influential Women in 3D  All 3DP June 9th 2016

Houston Public Broadcasting – Arts Insights Video April, 22, 2016

Houston Artist Creates a Wonderland CW39 February 2, 2016

ABC Houston Houston City Parks “Hidden Gems”: Inside Some Must see- Green Space February 15, 2016

CBS Houston Alice in Wonderland in Evelyn’s Park February 16, 2016  Segment 2

3D Printing is a Trip Down the Rabbit Hole 3D Printing Industry – Italy July 8, 2015

An Offer To The New Yorker

Digital sketch of Bridgette’s monumental bronze sculpture.

As many know I’m working on a magnum opus- a monumental bronze sculpture of Alice in Wonderland’s Mad Hatter’s Tea Party for a Texas park. The details are found in this video.  I use traditional processes and digital processes which make this entire project a very intriguing story. How do I use 3D printing, or CNC milling to create this art? Watch the video, though there is no way to show all the technology in this video. I’m really pushing the limits here. I’m also hiding 150 elements within the bronze scene in honor of this year being the 150th anniversary of the story of Alice in Wonderland.

Those who study Lewis Carroll know he loved puzzles and riddles. Well, these hidden objects celebrate Carroll’s curiosity of puzzles and riddles.   Don’t fret, you will be able to follow along and find some of these hidden treasures if the New Yorker takes up my offer. I will reveal the hidden items, the placement and their meaning to the New Yorker so they may publicize them in their paper for the duration of the time I am sculpting the monumental bronze pieces—approximately the next 6 months.

You will notice by watching the video that I  am creating two books on the Alice Project. One is a process book that explains the process of creating the Alice scene. This shares many of the details of using the technology and combining it with traditional sculpture, and is very similar to my recent book, but just focusing on Alice. The other book is the field guide. This field guide gives you hints to the 150 hidden elements and a place to record them.  I expect these books to come out in 2017 as the sculpture will need to be placed before I can finish writing the books. However, If the New Yorker takes me up on my challenge then individuals that  read the New Yorker, will have some of these answers.

So what do you say New Yorker? Will you jump in the rabbit hole with me? I will only make this offer for one national magazine and I sure hope it is the New Yorker.

There are several media pages for this Alice project that you can find on my website  

Also there is a Facebook page for Finding Alice. 

I’m looking forward to hearing from you.

A Challenge For Bill Geist of Sunday Morning

A digital model of March Hare. This model will be milled to 8 feet tall. Then the artist will carve the foam and add clay. What hidden elements will we find in the March Hare and his stump?

CBS Sunday Morning
Bill Geist,

I would like to invite you to come and hide something in my monumental bronze sculpture that I am making of the Mad Hatter Tea Party for a Texas Park. Yes, you will make your mark forever captured in bronze. If you prefer you can bring a grandchild to create something to hide. ( Please note this offer is not open to the general public. The only other people working on this sculpture is me and my interns. ) I’m hiding 150 elements of the story in the scene of the Mad Hatter Tea Party before it is turned into bronze. Come be creative and take part in helping me develop this treasure hunt.

You must be “curious.” Join me in creating this incredible piece of bronze art that will last long after we are gone. I’m looking forward to celebrating the 150th Anniversary of Alice in Wonderland with you.
Don’t worry, not all of the hidden elements are 3D printed and embedded into the clay before it goes to bronze. I can give you some clay to create something fun, I’ll even help you if you need it. Of course this celebrates the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland so you might want to brush up on the story a bit to find something to sculpt. I’ll even let you place your hidden object in the large Mad Hatter scene, but I ask that the camera’s not divulge the place we put it and you must not tell a soul, as it is, after all, a treasure hunt.
So Bill do you accept the challenge?

Please let me know.
Here is a link to a press release about the project
And… if you would like to see a video of the art the concept and the process  that incorporates traditional sculpting and digital technology here is a video that explains how that is happening. ( Yes, We will be using 3D printing on a monumental bronze, no Bill, you won’t have to work on the computer to do this, unless you want to.)
Looking forward to your response.
Bridgette Mongeon


Option 2.
I will 3d scan your face using just photographs – Yes, it is all apart of some of the crazy technology and math combined with traditional sculpture that is involved with this project. I’ll use a program such as 123D catch which is free for  anyones phone.  I have done this with a friend which you can see the results here.  He will be one of the 3 naves that paint the roses red. If you did not want to sculpt one of the 150 items and would prefer to do this, I would be happy to immortalize you in bronze.Pick a nave and an expression. You would actually be perfect for this. I could use the digital scan of your face and attach it to the sculpting that I do of these naves, and then 3D print the image and add it to the scene before it is turned into a bronze sculpture. Then just like that you are a part of the sculpture captured forever in bronze.

Complicated? Not really, but it is my challenge to introduce others not just to the story of Alice, literature, and fine art, but the wonders of incorporating digital technology in fine art as I featured in my last book.  Check out the video to see how else I use digital technology in my traditional sculpting.

So, are you up for the challenge?

Influences of Other Writers

(UPDATE:  It is these two authors who made me think…
Maybe I should write about my experiences. I then quickly put together a blog post about my relationship with B. B. King. This post snowballed into some cool stuff including this short podcast interview and television coverage that I have also added to the original blog post. Thank you, David and Bill. I’m getting to the age where I do need to write some of these stories down, and your work inspires me. I’m going to compile some essays as soon as I complete these next book projects of going down the rabbit hole with Alice. You guys inspire me. )
If you know me, you know that I am pretty much addicted to books. How many do I read? Well, I read whenever I can. I must read before I can sleep and, I listen to audio books like most people listen to music. So, depending on what I am doing, I can read one book every other week or read/listen to 3 a week. Don’t get too enthused over my accomplishments. I have a love of young adult (YA) and middle grade (MG) novels because I also like to write for that age group. These books can be extremely short, however, remember Harry Potter is not a short book and is in the YA category.
Anyway, I download quite a few free audio books through my library and a program called Over Drive. Recently I downloaded the book “Let’s Explore Diabetes with Owls” by David Sedaris. I have been listening to this book, and it is influencing me. Not since the reading of “Five Quarts” by Bill Hayes have I been influenced by a writer in this way. The influences of these two men are not because of the content of the book but the style of writing. With Five Quarts, I love how the author documented history, but did so by telling his personal story. Five Quarts gives the reader vignettes of different things in history about blood. It also tells the author’s personal story of the influence of blood as it pertains to such things as his sister’s monthly cycles or being a gay man. I loved this type of writing. That style of writing combined two important things. One is history and research, which I love. The other is the profound things that happen in one’s life; simple things that when told in a story can make your soul sing.
With the work of Sedaris, I was simply impressed with the idea of essays. Profound life adventures that did not have to be woven together in a book, but in the idea that they are a collection of essays. I also liked the humor of Sedaris. I long to pull in humor into my most recent work and especially would like to reflect on that in a book that is germinating about aging.
My writing is quite diverse. In fact, I have been praying,

“God, I wish I had a diversified literary agent.
Please help me find one.”

I hate looking for publishers; it is one of the activities I detest the most. I wish I had one agent that could work with all of the parts of me. Yes, I know I have to share my earnings with an agent. But if having one meant I could just keep writing and sculpting and not spending time crossing the hurdles of finding publishers in so many different areas, I would happily hand over that cash.

For example, here is only a sample of the books in various stages of completion. Talk about a range of audiences and topics.

1. A New nonfiction book I’m writing about the Alice in Wonderland sculpture project (Working on this one. )

2. A book of poems, riddles, and rhymes to go with the 150 hidden objects of the Alice in Wonderland project (Working on this one. )

3. A young adult novel that entails the subject of sculpting the deceased (I completed this one. I need to revise. )

4. A nonfiction book on sculpting the deceased.- Documenting five commissions (I completed this one. I need to revise. )

5. A book of children’s poems. (Working on this one. )

6. Another book of children’s poems. (Working on this one. )

7. A children’s book on the learning styles and their differences. (Complete)

8. A book about finding God in my garden. (I completed this one. I need to revise. )

9. A book about a Christian being married to an atheist (I completed this one. I need to revise. )

10. A book about marketing in the arts (I completed this one. I need to revise. )
11. A children’s book similar to Dr. Seuss book, “Oh, The Places You’ll go.” Christian in nature ( Complete.)

12. A middle-grade novel about the adventures of sleep. (Germinating)

13. A children’s book about going to sleep. ( In works)

14. A humorous book on aging. (Germinating)

15. A coming of age novel about a girl who struggles with the desire to create art, her faith, and a dysfunctional family. (Germinating)
Well… enough of talking about writing, back to the actual writing.  Someone I feel more free knowing I can simply compile essays of my experiences, written with humor, and a bit of history and education.  You guys rock for passing this freedom on.

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