Did You Attend The Workshop? What Did You Think?

If you attended one of the two workshops at the Society of Children’s Book Writer’s and Illustrators-Houston meeting, please send me your comments. I’d like to know what you thought and I can then post them here. Please include your name and description. You can send a small picture of yourself or one of your books, if published, but it is not necessary. But, if you have a website please include your URL so that I can post that link on this blog. We did not get to cover a lot of the Search Engine Optimization techniques, one is to having links to your website on other people’s blogs. I’d love to hear from you and help out with that.

Incredible! I love pop up books and to think Bruce is a member of my SCBWI- Houston group! Bruce Foster is the Paper Engineer, illustrations by Andrew Williamson and text by Lucy Kee

Great presentation last night bridgette.
Obviously, there is a lot more you have to share and I for one, am all ears!

Bruce Foster
Paper artist

Thanks Bruce, I am always so impressed with the quality of illustrators, and writers we have coming to our SCBWI- Houston meeting. I came home and told my husband about your incredible pop up books. Congratulations on the Harry Potter Pop Up Book Releasing November 16th. I went to your website and was also pleased to see you were using video to help market your books. We didn’t get to talk about that subject yet. GREAT MARKETING TOOL! I never heard the title “Paper Engineer,” but I have great respect for one.  I am an adult fan of pop up books.  It might be because I love anything miniature, and loved paper dolls.  Keep up the good work and we definitely have to explore more of the  marketing tools for writers.

Pat Miller is the programing cochair at SCBWI- Houston and author of several children books

Bridgette mongeon is a successful artist and promoter, and is determined to help others achieve the same success. Her upbeat workshop, guided assignments, and generous follow up information went far towards making us feel we can follow in her footsteps. Best of all, for us who are-less tech-savvy was her constant reassurances that she was on call if we needed more help.

Pat Miller, LMS

Thank you Pat.  I appreciate your enthusiasm.  Just went to your website and checked out your great children’s books.


Bridgette Mongeon
Sculptor, Writer and Speaker

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