No, it is not really Narnia, just the CS Lewis writers conference. I must say I have never heard CS Lewis quoted so many times in one place in my entire life.

This evening was a Q&A with author Randy Alcorn very interesting. What have I jotted down in my sketchbook?

* We must steal our time away to write, and have to be careful of what we steal our time away from.

* Novelize a Screenplay

* Peaple say to write what you know, but some don’t bother to know anything else.

* When you read the discalimer infront of a novel that says, “any resemblance to real people in this novel… bla bla bla”  It is a lie. Writers steal from real life all of the time

* some people finish a book 6 or 7 times.

* God may have given you the story but he still expects you to labor with it.


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