First Art and Technology Podcast Complete- We Are On Our Way!

Yesterday I conducted my new podcast that I have created as a part of my research into “Bridging the gap between the traditional sculpture studio and new technology.” It will be located on my blog and our new website ( not up yet) This site should be up by May along with the podcasts. It will be a community of artists offering a vast amount of resources on this subject. It was prompted by our publisher Elsevier and the new book on Digital Sculpting with Mudbox.

My first interview was with digital sculpting pioneer Robert Michael Smith. Monday I will interview Joris Debo from Materialise. My hit list for others in this podcast of Art and Technology are both artists, those in research and those providing the technologies for artists. I’m especially interested in things that are near and dear to my heart. All aspects of technology that help to create figurative sculpture, methods that will assist in creating a new type of foundry and bronzes, clay and the history of digital art, as well as the mix of math, science and art.

I am continually reminded how much this bridge is needed, by both the vendors and by those working and passionate about creating and the technology. As Robert Michael Smith said in our interview.

“I’m glad to see people like you are picking this up and doing it on your own now. This stuff really should be financed from a single source. There should be a single hub of information. “

The others on my hit list.

  • Carl Bass CEO of Autodesk and a sculptor and involved with the Digital Stone Exhibition
  • Synappsys Digital Services along with Shan Gray on the new process Data Direct To Mold used to create The American
  • Christiane Paul Who wrote these articles about digital technology and sculpture. The were written 10 years ago. This is how I was introduced to Robert Michael Smith. I would also like to interview the other artists in this group who were working in this digital sculpting 10 years ago they are:
  • Dan Collins
  • Kieth Brown
  • Michael Reese
  • Derrick Woodham
  • Christian Lavigne
  • Someone from Solheim Laboratories at the Mechanical Engineering Department at the University of Washington about their digitally printing of clay and glass. I would love to cover one of their other collaborators with them. Perhaps Ron Rael @UC Berekely who asks in this post “Are we the first in the world to 3d print translucent Porcelain?” It does not take long to float through this blog and find another 6-10 people that I want to interview. and I must say I want to be able to print 3d ceramics in my studio!
  • I love Robert Lazarini’s work and would be thrilled to interview him!
  • Adrian Bowyer about RepRap Open source.

Robert Michael Smith also gave me an extended hit list. Please, if you know anyone who is interested in being a part, and of course those wanting to sponsor the site, send them my way!

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