Focusing on The Face!

I heard someone say that Dick said something like “My body is just something that I use to carry around my head.” well not right now. The head has been removed from the torso so that I can focus on the finishing of his face. How old are you? Maida wanted him younger and he definitely appears to be younger. How much younger I don’t know. Seems like some photographs have him in a much heavier period and then thinner again.

“Come out, come out where ever you are!” This sculpture is so different than the others I have worked on because once again I don’t really have a client. No one to say- I want it this way! So I probe to see what is coming out.

Nancy said she did not want Dick’s glasses back and that was so much help. I could pop the lenses out of the frame and work on his face. It is very difficult working on someone who has glasses. The illusion of how the eyes appear because of the glasses is what I am trying to get. Their is of course no glass in a bronze sculpture, just the frame. These glasses have been one of the most important things for me to have.

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