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Houston, Texas Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon
Interactions and fun can be found on sculptor Bridgette Mongeon’s Instagram page. You might even catch her in a dress. This is a rare finding indeed.

There are lots of visits to the sculpture these days and tons of interaction. Did you know that Bridgette Mongeon is also on Instagram and Twitter?

The links to Bridgette’s social media are on the side bar of this blog or if you are on your phone they will be at the bottom of the page. But for convenience the links are also in this post.  Come follow us and keep abreast of what is happening in Wonderland.

Houston, Texas Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon sculpts wonderland.
Follow Houston, Texas, Wonderland sculptor Bridgette Mongeon on Twitter.
Sculptor and Author Bridgette Mongeon creates an interactive sculpture for families.
Follow along on Instagram for interactive shots of the Alice In Wonderland sculpture created by sculptor/author Bridgette Mongeon.

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