I’m Making A City!

At least that is what it feels like.   My coauthor Mike de la flor, who also just happens to be my husband as well, and I have been working diligently to prepare another new website.  But it is not just a place to go and look, it is a community site, where people can have their own blogs, comment on forums etc.  It is a HUGE undertaking.

The entire project was prompted by our publisher Focal Press. Instead of having a CD in the back of the book they are moving to providing files to the book buyers online.  So months ago we knew what we needed to do.  INTRODUCING ….. Digital Sculpting.net

It has taken a tremendous amount of energy this weekend to get this up, but we are there.  Still some tweaking and we will be adding a ton of content.  So if you get a chance come on over, drop in, become a user, set up a blog and say hi! It will be great to have a legitimate post.  I’m fighting spam bots!

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