In Which Medium (Digital or Traditional) Do You Feel More Secure And Why? An Austrian Student Interview…Cont.

Bridgette Mongeon with bronze sculpture of Jeanna and Richard Hathaway at Art Foundry Houston.

4. In which medium (digital or traditional) do you feel more secure and why?

I am comfortable, after 25 years of working in traditional clay of various kinds, and going to bronze. But I’m working hard at the exploration and learning about the possibilities and embracing them as I dance the dance that is digital and bridge the gap between the digital and traditional studios.

This is an interview of 10 questions by Mathias Herbster of FH Vorarlberg University in Austria directed to Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon about the comparison of digital and traditional sculpture.


Bridgette Mongeon-
Sculptor, Writer and Speaker

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and educator as well as a public speaker.

Her blog can be found at

She is also the owner and creator of the God’s Word Collectible Sculpture series

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