Installation- Unveiling is Thursday!!!!

Eating breakfast at the air bnb.

After eating a hardy breakfast at Betsy’s B & B I headed off to meet the maintenance crew of Vermont College to install Dick Hathaway. It went so easily. The guys had reinforced the bench, and did a great job. They had plenty of muscle to unload him and when placed on the bench his foot touched the ground. there can sometimes be shrinkage with bronze and I feared his foot would not touch. The satchel was placed next to him, holes drilled to secure him and he was actually welded onto the bench. when the gallery curator came she wept. That is the emotional reaction that I long for. It is a younger Dick Hathaway, after placing him the maintenance crew just stood on a looked.

Taking Dick out of the car.

They also took the plywood out of my car. This helped to secure Dick in the back of the SUV, it was also used to secure my windows during the hurricane. It is a reminder of what a long two weeks this has been.

Professor Hathaway takes his perpetual seat on the bench.

Once the sculpture was placed I could not help but have a few shots of the two of us on the bench. I can’t wait to see others interact with the sculpture, and when you do, PLEASE SEND PICTURES. When the sculpture was installed, I covered him with the sheet that I sewed by generator in Houston after the storm. There he sits, a black ghosts awaiting the unveiling tomorrow evening. I can’t wait.

It has been a long and emotional road to get here.

This evening I sit in yet another bed in another home, the home of the curator. I guess until now I was working on adrenaline. I feel quite tired now, but relieved! I hear I am hiking in the woods in the morning. I hope I can get up.

When it was all done I jumped for joy!

He will perpetually beckon to those passing by
The bench has been reinforced. Now to bolt in Dick Hathaway.
Friend remember Dick.
I did it!
A draped Dick Hathaway.

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