An intern and I work on putting together Computer Numerically Controlled ( CNC) milled pieces of the Prairie View Panther. The Grambling State University Tiger is much, much bigger. 

Bridgette Mongeon is  in the process of looking for interns for the Grambling tiger project. If you know of anyone who would like to be a part of this magnificent sculpture project please  contact the artist immediately. If you want to know what an internship is this post is from Ms. Mongeon’s my personal blog and defines an internship. You will see pictures of some of the interns working on the Prairie View A & M Panther with the artist. 
Grambling Alumni? 
Are there any Grambling Alumni or Alumni family members out there wanting to put their passion for Grambling into a physical form? You will be a part of creating something for your university that will last a very, very long time. 
Any Houston area artists interested in gaining some experience in this process? If you are a  high school students and would like a college letter of recommendation upon the completion of the project, please let the artist know in advance. 
Dates and Times 
The project will last about 6-8 weeks, or at least your part of the project will last that long. The dates are _____________ ( this will be listed as soon as the date from Grambling is confirmed. Expected dates the first of July through August.) If you can’t work the entire time of the project you are certainly welcome to come in for 2 weeks at a time. Hours are flexible but a commitment to a defined amount of hours is needed in advance. It is hard work, but great fun. You don’t have to be strong or a sculptor to work, however  having a passion is nice. Ms. Mongeon can’t teach you passion, she  can teach you everything else. The days will start early, to beat the heat, and most often there will be a second shift working late. Ms. Mongeon also works weekends. If you are only available on weekend or evenings that is fine. Just sign up and commit to whatever you can do. 

What is expected? 
The blog post talks about some of the things that an intern does. All interns are required to sign a release form. If you are a minor you will need your parents permission and they will need to sign a release form. Note interns work with: hot wax, hot clay, they will be climbing scaffolding and ladders, working with power tools and torches.

The location of the project will be confirmed in the next week.  It will most likely be in a warehouse in the center of Houston. We are trying to secure a facility that has a large enough ceiling to accommodate the sculpture, it will be about 12 or more feet high when completed, and the sculpting base adds height to that.The warehouse will most likely not have AC, but we will have plenty of fans going.  

Paid or Unpaid?
Most of my internships are unpaid, however, Ms. Mongeon has been known to give generous “thank you’s” at the end of the project, if you know what I mean.  The rewards for art students far out way any monetary bonus given at the end. 

Our beginning agenda

  1. Move all necessary tools and equipment to rented warehouse space from artists Houston Studio. 
  2. Prep rented warehouse space
  3. Put together foam pieces of CNC enlarged digital model.
  4. Put together armature for boulders. Sculpt boulder foam, cover with wax then cover with clay. 

More to come.

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