It Is Strange But True- My Interview

It is strange but true. I thought I would share this podcast with you. I was interviewed by Strange But True Podcast out of UK. Please note:I ask my Christian friends please don’t freak out over my interview. I have prayed over this, and been prayed over. My minister knows and I do consider it a gift. Please be assured, I’m not possessed.

Besides creating fine artwork, most of my blog readers know that I sculpt deceased loved ones. I have written a book titled “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey.” Still looking for a publisher. It is about the science behind some of the “strange” things that happen during sculpting the deceased as well as my own experiences. I’m still searching for a publisher for the book. I an also writing another book titled “Kisses from Heaven” based on what others have said about their experiences. Now I am searching for more stories about others having different experiences when someone dies.
Anyway. It was a fun podcast. If for any other reason it is good to hear that UK accent from my interviewers. You will have to wade through some of the “strange” items before hand. Unless you forward to 1/2 past the hour or move your player curser to 38.40 to hear my interview.


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