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Bridgette Mongeon talk on art and technology

Bridgette Mongeon has been  host of two podcasts since 2008.  Through the years the Inspiration/Generation and Creative Christian podcast  has covered a variety of topics and many different authors.  The topics are varied.  Some topics are heavy and deal with psychological issues, some have an element of comedy or fun.  Other topics are  books that the host or co has have read that have really resonated with them. Then there have some very difficult topics such as an atheist and a Christian in marriage.  If you think your book or aspirations fit our format we would love to hear from you. You can reach us through the contact form on the podcast blog. You must note that this podcast is has an inspirational/Christian format. To learn more and to see if you are a good fit peruse our podcast blog. You can see our entire list of topic by searching the pages by year.

When you contact us please indicate “possible podcast guest” in the subject line and give us  some details about how you fit our format.

Topics of personal interest:

  • Topics that help individuals overcome
  • Topics and guests that support love in the face of extreme differences
  • Creativity and Spirituality
  • Business Creativity and Spirituality
  • Writing and Art

Our podcasts are heard through ITunes, the blog and Facebook. Eacb guest also receives a link to their podcast. This link may be placed anywhere, on a website, facebook or a blog.  The link brings up a separate audio browser with the guests podcast interview.  The Inspiration/Generations podcasts and Creative Christians Podcast have been downloaded 23,000 times to date.  The podcasts are sponsored by the God’s Word Collectible Gift series. If you are interested in sponsoring the podcasts please contact us through the contact form.

Inspiration Generations podcast by sculptor Bridgette Mongeon with co hose Christina Sizemore.
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More Interviews With Creative People

For those of you who do not know, besides sculpting and writing I also create podcasts. I’m about to expand on these podcasts. What can I say, I love a good interview.

Our new podcasts will be from those working in 3D. We are talking to all sorts of people from those using new tehnology to create fine art to those creating images for movies. I’m thrilled with this new endeavor. I predict the podcast will start in the next few months as it is a part of our book deal with Focal Press that we have a website on the subject. So be sure to watch out for Creating the site will be so much fun as there is additional information that I have found with both my graduate research and the writing of the Mudbox book that I am wanting to share. And the interesting people who are working and leading this technology are so much fun to chat with. Why not do that for a podcast?

The podcasts that I have done for the past almost two years are inspirational. They are sponsored by my God’s Word Collectible gift line. Inspirations/Generations has added a new segment called Inspirations/Creative Christians. We are interviewing creative Christians to learn about their faith, process, inspiration and other things. You can find all of our podcasts on the God’s Word Collectibles website. Or on our God’s Word Collectibles Facebook Fans page.

The Creative Christian podcasts are depicted with ” Creative Christians” in the title. Here is a description of our recent Creative Christians podcasts. If you would like to listen, just click on the links. I you want to subscribe to this Inspirational channel in itunes you can do so by following this link.

What is to come with the Creative Christians podcast? We are presently working on securing interviews with the following people. Skater- Scott Hamilton, Singer- Alice Cooper, Loni Lamb and many more.

Recent Interviews

Creative Christians-Interview with Author and Actor Susan Isaacs
Creative Christians Podcast continues in an interview with Author and Actor Susan Isaacs. Susan shares her disappointments in her creative Christian journey as well as her revelations. Anyone who wonders where God is in their creative journey should listen. (Inspirations_0049 58.24 minutes)

Of course we also interviewed Susan about her book on our regular podcast.

Book Review “Angry Conversations with God.”

Susan Isaacs shares her stories behind her new and humorous book “Angry Conversations with God- A Snarky But Authentic Spiritual Memoir.” (Inspirations_Generations_0048 30 minutes)

Creative Christians-Helpful Insight and Tips from Christian Business Manager Michael Smith.
Michael Smith of Michael Smith and Associates talks about managing Christian artists and gives some hints and suggestions to those wanting to get noticed in the business. An incredible interview with a man of incredible integrity. Michael Smith and Associates represents- Jaci Valsquez, Salvador, GoFish, Brad Stine, Aaron Wilburn, The Lads, Yancy, Tyler Dodds and the God Men conferences as well as Right Minded Records and Pure Blue Record Labels. (Inspirations_Generations_0047 44.46 minutes)

Our Interviews with Creative Christians.

For those of you who do not know, besides sculpting and writing I also create a podcast that is sponsored by my God’s Word Collectible gift line. Inspirations/Generations has added a new segment called Inspirations Creative Christians. We are interviewing creative Christians to learn about their faith, process, inspiration and other things. You can find all of our podcasts on the God’s Word Collectibles website. Or on our God’s Word Collectibles Facebook Fans page.

Here is a description of our first Creative Christians podcasts. If you would like to listen, just click on the links.

October 2009

Creative Christian Interview- Brad Stine Part 2
Christian Comedian Brad Stine talks about his creativity as a child, his creative process and the importance of creativity in the Body of Christ Part 2 (Inspirations_Creative Christians 0045 45 minutes)

Creative Christians Interview- Brad Stine Part 1
Christian Comedian Brad Stine talks about his creativity as a child, his creative process and the importance of creativity in the Body of Christ Part 2 (Inspirations_Creative Christians 0045 31 minutes)

Creative Christian Interview- Strand of Pearls
Kellie Copeland Swisher has been a creative Christian her entire life— working at Kenneth Copeland Ministries, making movies, developing children’s curriculum and her recent creative endeavor of Blue Grass Gospel singing group Strand of Pearls. In this interview she shares her thoughts on creativity and her inspiration. (Inspirations_00043 55.47 minutes)

Creative Christians- interview with actor, speaker and award winning author Donna VanLier

This is the first podcast of a new series called Creative Christians. Here we will interview many different individuals on their creativity process, their faith and the struggles and inspiration. The first creative Christians Segment is with Donna VanLiere Speaker, actress and award winning author.
(Inspirations_0037 43 minutes)

My Precious Mom and Cohost- Now Resides in Heaven- Press Release for God’s Word Collectibles

We are saddened that Barbara Ingersoll, one of the cohosts of the Inspiration/Generations Podcast that was known as Graham and was mother to cohost Bridgette Mongeon, grandmother to cohost Christina Sizemore, has gone to be with the Lord. Barbara was getting quite a following since the conception of the podcasts in 2008. The podcasts were born out of fervent prayer between the three women.

Barbara reports in one of the first podcasts, “Four years ago I fell and broke both of my hips so that has put an end to physically active ministry for me, but though I am in my 70’s and disabled, it does not put an end to the work of the Holy Spirit through me or through anyone really. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this podcast because I can’t do active ministry, but I can do this, talking on the phone and that is easy for me.”

Barbara suffered from osteoarthritis and several other ailments through her life. She lived almost every day of her life in pain, yet God sustained her and strengthened her faith. The three women discussed just before Barbara’s death that the Generational podcast can continue through the many journals that Barbara has written over her lifetime. In one of the last entries Barbara states, “ I proclaim to all the earth and all powers and principalities that these are healing podcasts —no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord… However far you have come in your journey.”

Before her passing Barbara participated in over 38 podcasts. Her last interview was with Ruth Graham, together they talked about healing hurting women. That was a yearning for Barbara throughout her entire life. In her younger days she developed support groups for hurting women and then trained leaders for support groups. She did this throughout western New York and Canada. The transition from life to life everlasting held its own blessings and are recorded in a podcast titled “What happens at Death.” Where the two cohosts report on the conversations and visitations that their mom and grandmother had from those who went before her. This part of death was a touching and healing process for all. On Thursday Augusts 20, 2009 a memorial service was held for Barbara. This too has also been added to this list of podcasts as her life and ministry were celebrated by many.

There is nothing more honoring for Barbara’s life to have her ministry continue to help women. To have her past, her fortitude and struggles make a difference in someone else’s life. We ask that you continue to pray for the Inspiration/Generations podcast, become a regular listener and share the links with others.

You can find the podcast at and read the bios of the hosts. The site tells you how to subscribe in Itunes. You can also find the podcasts on the Gods’ Word Facebook Fans page.

If you would like to make a donation to the Inspiration/Generations podcast ministry you can do so through the secure servers at Pay Pal or by sending a check to God’s Word Collectible Sculptures Inspirations/Generations Podcast PO Box, 10562, Houston, Texas 77206. We would also like to encourage you to support our sponsor. God’s Word Collectibles.

It Is Strange But True- My Interview

It is strange but true. I thought I would share this podcast with you. I was interviewed by Strange But True Podcast out of UK. Please note:I ask my Christian friends please don’t freak out over my interview. I have prayed over this, and been prayed over. My minister knows and I do consider it a gift. Please be assured, I’m not possessed.

Besides creating fine artwork, most of my blog readers know that I sculpt deceased loved ones. I have written a book titled “Bringing to Life the Spirit of the Deceased- A Sculptor’s Journey.” Still looking for a publisher. It is about the science behind some of the “strange” things that happen during sculpting the deceased as well as my own experiences. I’m still searching for a publisher for the book. I an also writing another book titled “Kisses from Heaven” based on what others have said about their experiences. Now I am searching for more stories about others having different experiences when someone dies.
Anyway. It was a fun podcast. If for any other reason it is good to hear that UK accent from my interviewers. You will have to wade through some of the “strange” items before hand. Unless you forward to 1/2 past the hour or move your player curser to 38.40 to hear my interview.


Abstinence is a Good Thing

Christina Sizemore is a real life example of how abstinence can work and how it is a good thing. At the age of 14 through the prompting of her church, her youth group, her family, and a commitment through Teen Mania, Christina made a commitment to herself and to God to abstain from sex until marriage. She was able to keep this commitment through junior high, high school, college, and even through a marriage engagement that was called off.

Christina is now married to a wonderful man, who honored that commitment with her. She shares her testimony, “There are guys that have that same commitment, but just because you have that same commitment doesn’t mean it is easy.” She admits that being in a relationship with someone that has that same commitment helps, because it makes it easier in times when you are weak.

“There are times when it is not easy,” and just saying, “I won’t put myself in that position,” doesn’t always work. Christina suggests that having this commitment in your heart, prayer, and other things besides just ‘not putting yourself into the place’ is what she has used to help her through the abstinence years. She assures all, “Waiting is worth it.”

Abstinence can become a commitment even if you have had sex. One of Chris’ friend’s husbands told his wife, “Had I known you were going to be my wife, I would have waited for you.” The gift of sex is a wonderful gift to give your husband or wife. The idea that your future husband or wife is very special, sharing this specialness by waiting can help you when you are trying to abstain.

It is easy to say, “But we are getting married,” and try to justify premarital sex, but Christina explains her situation. “I was engaged to another man, I had a dress, I had a venue, we were going through marriage counseling when I called off the wedding. That happens to real people. I didn’t sleep with him and I am glad I didn’t because he was not my husband. It doesn’t matter if you are engaged or planning on getting married,” Chris states, “You are not married until you are married. My virginity is something that I am giving up to someone who does not deserve it, if they are not my husband.”

Christina’s mom, Bridgette Mongeon encouraged and expected the commitment from Christina. When she would tell others what her daughter was trying to do many, many people thought the idea was ludicrous. One person said that they believed they their son you should “try on the shoe.” “I was livid,” states Bridgette. “My daughter is not a shoe. She is an incredible, precious woman. It bothered me even more that this was a woman who was the mother of a boy my daughter was dating. What values had she instilled in her son?”

Boundaries can’t be pushed. Each time you let down one boundary you get closer to what you don’t want to do. And Chris says there were people she was accountable to, and people who were praying for them as a couple. “I’m not sure they were praying ‘don’t let them have sex,’ but I know people were praying for us.” Bridgette assures her daughter, “Yes, we were praying don’t let them have sex, sometimes when I knew you were alone, I would pray that you would feel uncomfortable, or I would pray one would be strong when the other was weak.” She also let her daughter’s betrothed know what her expectations were of him. “There was no mincing words, they knew what I expected of her, they were sure to know that I understood her commitment and that if the betrothed respected their relationship, and a future relationship, he would respect that commitment as well.”

As a couple there were times when one person would have to be strong when the other was tempted or weak. “That is why it is important to have someone who has made that same commitment,” states Christina. When you have someone who is just waiting because you are waiting, they figure maybe you have changed your mind, and then they don’t help you through your weakness.” Helping with your partners abstinence is a loving and honoring thing to do for one another, it demonstrates character. She does state, “There is an end to the wait. If you wait until after you are married, you can have all of the sex you want. It is worth the wait.”

But people don’t believe that she had not had sex. It is not a common thing and she had to try to convince some people who have asked.

Bridgette states, “We are numb to it, premarital sex is expected and it is accepted.” But she suggests that parents change their minds, gain some courage, and tell their children, “I expect you not to have sex.” Give them something to live up to. Be open about the topic of sex, let them talk about it and encourage open communication, but let them know what you expect of them.

Christina agrees that having parents that are open to talk about sex is imperative. “Don’t let it be an uncomfortable experience. Talk about the biology, your own experiences, and it is important for kids to know it is important to talk about it.” She also assures us that 14 was not too young to discuss such things. Some kids are having sex as young as in the 6th grade.

It is our biological nature to want to reproduce. It is almost unnatural for us to not have sex, and kids need to know that. But Bridgette suggests that dating couples should also discuss their feelings that go with abstinence. A man may feel like he is less of a man, if he does not pursue sex, a women may wake up one morning and feel like she is less desirable. There is a psychological assurance that must go along with abstinence. Communication will help to make it easier.

What if you are having sex in a relationship and decide that is not how you want the relationship to continue? Christina suggests accountability and if your partner is not willing to hear what your heart’s desire is for abstinence, perhaps you should think twice about staying with that person. They might just not be the one for you. The commitment has to be between the two of you with God. An individual commitment as well as one made together. Abstinence is not easy, but it is also not impossible, and it can make a relationship stronger. In Chris’ opinion, “It is so worth it.”

This is an excerpt of the Inspirations/Generations Podcast
“Abstinence A real Life Story A Good Thing” found at More resources and information can be found on the podcast. Those wishing to insert the podcast link on their website for others to listen to can use this link-

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New Podcast-

I have been working on pulling together all of the technical items for my new podcast station. I purchased months ago. We should have the first podcasts up for both channels? what does that mean? well basically there are two different areas that I want to podcast about. the first is of course about creativity, the business of art, sculpting etc. That will be on the Creative Endeavors Channel. Of course I would call it that. After all, that is also the name of this blog and the tv station on blip tv

The other channel is Inspirations and is sponsored by God’s Word Collectibles my gift line. This channel will be more spiritual in nature and will also present Generations a show presented by 3 generations of Christian women. The women? My daughter in Tulsa, my mother in NY and myself in Texas. It should be very interesting. I don’t know where it will go, but it seems to be very enticing to women’s media and marketing! I have wanted to do this for years, I thought it would be with writing as we are all writers, but this is easier. Mother is excited that she can do something to help others even while sitting home in her independent living facility. she does not do much in the way of ministry. Most of her strength is used for day to day living.

I hope you will join us and I’ll post as soon as it gets going. I know that both channels are not for everyone and there is a way to subscribe to each feed individually. I’ll post those details soon. Podcast on!

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Creative Christians podcast
Inspiration Generations podcast by sculptor Bridgette Mongeon with co hose Christina Sizemore.
Inspiration Generation Podcast