Lectures About Alice and Education-STEAM

STEAM education and Bridgette Mongeon
HISD school teachers learned many lessons on STEAM and Wonderland in the studio and classroom.

These last few weeks sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has been busy spreading the word about the Alice sculpture and STEAM education. (STEAM education is an interdisciplinary approach using Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Math. )Houston Independent School District had in-service for HISD art teachers. One week it was at the Asian Societythe following week it was at the MFA.Though her schedule was hectic and the

Bridgette Mongeon author, sculptor, speaker on STEAM education
A book signing. Go with STEAM Education.

HISD art coordinator said she should pick one, she volunteered for both weeks.  “Any time I can get teachers excited about STEAM education, and I can squeeze it into my schedule I’ll do it.” States Mongeon.

Of course a Bridgette was delighted to sign her book “3D Technology In Fine Art and Craft:Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling.” 

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