Making “Magic” Happen

I’m beginning to feel the magic with the Mad Hatter

For those watching this process of creating the Alice in Wonderland Sculpture, who are not sculptors or artists, please let me share a bit of information.  An artist knows their craft.  They may have the basics down, for example, this is how I put clay on an armature, this is how I sculpt an arm, this is the proportions of a human. However, one can work on a sculpture and know all of the craft but not have “magic” happen.  There is a point when working on a piece of art when the art becomes friendly and alive- this is the magic. One does not have to finish the sculpture for this to happen; there is just a point if you are luck, where you just feel like one.  Please note this magic does not always happen.  It is that “magic” part of the creative process for which we strive. This week the Mad Hatter and I made magic happen.

The work in progress. Tiny feet, trying to show movement. I wish I had the chair that goes with this sculpture.
I love this expression. Kind of what I am after in the Mad Hatter. Somewhere between this and the original Tenniel illustration.
This man is the inspiration behind my Mad Hatter. He is my brother in law (deceased.). This is the last time we were together. At my daughter’s wedding in a photo booth fooling around with …. hats. Kind of appropriate don’t you think?

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and educator as well as a public speaker.

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