My Life is lived Through Podcasts!

It is true. I have been podcasting for 3 years now. I have 3 different podcasts that I record.

The Creative Christian Podcast and the Inspiration Generations podcast gives me a chance to focus on different things that I am interested in, especially those that relate to my faith. Because I am also a writer I focus on writing topics in these podcasts as well.
I thought I would include links to some of my most recent podcasts

Malcolm Guite
Poet, singer and Songwriter Malcolm Guite has podcasted with me before. In this podcast he talks about the the ” The Great O” Antiphons and Advent.

The Advent Conspiracy
I have been very interested in doing Christmas a bit differently this year and thought about how that would look. Apparently I’m not the only one as The Advent Conspiracy is a movement that is taking hold throughout the world.  I enjoyed talking to Tony Biaggne about this in our 109th podcast

I recently lost my father. This was my last surviving parent and has put me into a position of being an adult orphan. When I heard the term I thought it was a stupid and strange label, but as I enter this time in my life, I realize it is a transformative time.  I’m spending time with other exploring this.  Alicia King is also an adult orphan and has written much about grief. In this podcast number 108 we share our experiences and talk about this transformation.

ART AND TECHNOLOGY The Art and Technology Podcasts have been on hold for a while. They were used as part of my gradate study. I do believe I will ramp up the Art and Technology podcast again after the first of the year, as I am going to focus on a new book project. More details on that later.

If you are interested in seeing the Art and Technology Podcasts you can see them on the Digital website.

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