My Workstation

I thought I might share a photograph of my workstation. There are several in the studio, but this is where I work on the bust of Dick Hathaway. My wonderful chair is my daughters Fisher Price high chair. I really must write them some day and tell them how great this chair is. Not only is it a great height, but it often lets me know when I am getting too wide in the hips. I have had it 21 years!

The photographs of Dick are spread out on the typewriting cart. Another very useful piece of furniture that is great in the studio. The pan is filled with hot clay that is replaced by the clay in the crockpot. The little marble slab lets me take some out and allow it to cool. There are always plenty of tools around in containers that will contain them. Jennifer will soon have a tin of different, heavy-duty tools hanging around the torso. The black case holds Dicks glasses when they are not being used.

Dick’s bust has wire that is forced into the pipe at my workstation. This pipe that the bust fits into is actually the top of my armature stand turned upside down. One of those things I found in a pinch and now it works for every portrait. The torch is nearby to heat up the bust should I need it, and I often do. I have a smaller torch that I use when I get closer to finishing the sculpture. But I have no need of that for at least another week.

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