New Podcast Is Now Up! – Inspirations

As stated in an earlier post, I have been learning about creating podcasts. The podcast series has two channels, one called Creative Endeavors, featuring topics on art and another called Inspirations, about things of spiritual nature. ( creative endeavors podcast is not up yet, I’ll let you know)

I started the podcast for Inspirations to help other people and to help promote my collectible series God’s Word Collectibles.

I have been focusing on the Inspirations channel which features a show called Generations. Three generations of Christian women sharing their thoughts about different issues and aspects of life. The women… My mom and my daughter, and myself. I has been a great deal of fun, and very interesting to hear what each generation thinks and is going through and how we compare. We have recorded our first 10, and have the first 4 up on the God’s Word Website. You can go to the main God’s Word Collectibles web site front page and click on blog/ forum. Or go directly to the blog

Sure would love to know what other think!

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