Panther Project-The Process of Sculpting

The foam panther goes together outside. Working on sanding and shaping the panther
outside keeps the studio dust free. It looks like he wants to go in the doors.
The rear end of a panther.

This is the work in progress for the Prairie View A & M Panther. To watch the process from the beginning please click to previous posts.The sculpting of this project is a quick turn around. We need to finish the panther in 18 days. This is day 2,3 and 4 of the sculpting of the panther. The previous posts state that this is a foam armature that was milled and sent to us from Bridgette Mongeon Sculpture Design Studio’s digital design. A great deal of carving is done on this foam, indicating muscles and action before it is covered in clay. The process is messy and requires constant vacuuming and masks, but it is coming along.I loved being able to attach the tail. You will see that the tail is much different from the original design.

Spray foam insulation and skewers are used as glue to keep the pieces together.
More foam is added to thicken areas. Other areas are carved.
eye and lung protection is important
when using urethane foam.

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