Presentation For a Park

The Alice in Wonderland life size bronze sculpture presentation-

I have been working on this pitch for a life-size bronze sculpture scene that individuals can interact with. This is a quick sketch of a possible design. Do you want to join the Mad Hatter at his tea party? The idea is that you could go to the park and sit at this bench. Each character is created to interact with a real person.  My next part of the pitch is to see if I can pose children with this piece.

The project has been created using a variety of materials and software.  Daz 3D models were very helpful, though often not enough. I had to sculpt quite  a few things using ZBrush such as the rabbits clothes, his watch, the benches the table and the table clothes, along with the head of the Mad Hatter.   Everything else is pretty much Daz 3D. My work flow is to bring Daz 3D characters into Poser and then once posed bring them into ZBrush. I can change the mesh to be able to sculpt on the figures and it gives me a way to expedite the presentation.  As in the past, the actual sculptures don’t really look like the people in the scene once it is physically sculpted. For example, if I can convince my client I would like Alice to resemble my daughter when she was that age.  Though it is not an exact replica of the planned life-size sculpture  it sure helps my client to visualize my presentation. 

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