Presentations And More Computer Toys

I have another presentation that I am doing but I have not been given permission to post the child’s photographs or name. I did want to share a bit about the process, for those following along. ( does anyone read this blog?)

I could not do this little boy in a 3D model as with Jenna. I began this process in the post “Working on another 3D presentation.” The big hold up? The blanket. Apparently creating blankets in 3D take quite a bit of time. So instead I played with another new form of technology in my studio. My WACOM tablet.

with this tablet I can draw right on the screen! I love it! I am also using a program called Painter. In the sketches here I have only used the pen tip, but in Painter you can actually paint in all sorts of mediums. The nice part about using it with these sketches is that I can do things in layers. Sketch the boy on one layer, from a photograph provided by mom, and then place him on different layers showing different elements. Kind of like having a clear transparency. Some day I’ll have more time to work in Painter. I am wanting to illustrate my children’s books in them ( any publishers interested?)

A Wacom tablet makes it easier for me to work

The sketches you see are the boy on the granite base and a cross, that is on an angle. In one picture his blankie wraps around the cross as if it is a gift to God, in the other it hangs off. I love that the grass is tickling his toes. In the third picture I have shrunk the cross. See how it changes the feel of the piece?

This presentation reminded me of a praying boy that I had created a long time ago. He is peeking up to see if God is listening!

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