PRESS RELEASE- Alice in Wonderland is on Her Way Home to Houston, Texas

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon sits in the Alice Chair at Deep in The Heart Art Foundry. She and Alice are waiting for Alice to come home to Houston. Photograph by Christina Sizemore


150 Years ago Alice fell down a rabbit hole that sent her on a very curious adventures. Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has been on her own journey in a rabbit hole. Hers began with concept sketches six years ago, when she was creating a sculpture of Evelyn Rubenstein for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish community center in Houston, Texas and heard that there might be another sculpture needed for Evelyn’s Park. The Rubensteins would place the sculpture  in a special memorial garden to honor Evelyn Rubenstein.  They visited the famous Alice sculpture in Central Park. Jose De Creft created that Wonderland theme. George Delacorte commissioned the sculpture, and it was unveiled in 1959. The Rubensteins  brought pictures to the artist. The spark of inspiration was ignited for Mongeon’s sculpture titled “Move One Place On.”

Bridgette Mongeon sculpts Alice In Wonderland

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon and her granddaughter search for the 150 things hidden in the sculpture. Photograph by Christina Sizemore

The sculpture consists of a ten-foot table with a dormouse shoved in a tea pot, just as in the story of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Three benches offers seating for guests, and one has a chess board in it so, be sure to bring your chest set. A nine-foot Mad Hatter flanks the 24-foot long sculpture on the left. He pushes out of his chair which is complete with arms in the shape of a lion and unicorn and feet of the chair like flamingos. The seat is unbalanced and toppling over as the Hatter stands up, gesturing  to the end of the table and pouring tea. The March Hare sits on a stump at the center of the table talking to the guests to his right while dipping a watch in his tea. Alice watches on from a large overstuffed chair. The Cheshire Cat sports a “curious” beatnik look an rests on top of Alice’s chair.  There is plenty of room for guests in the the coveted seat next to Alice. The artist created the sculpture so that each character interacts with an empty place, in other words, the scene is not complete until you are there.

March Hare and a Mad Hatter Tea Party by sculptor Bridgette Mongeon

Issa Sizemore talks with the March Hare about how her gamma created him. Photograph by Christina Sizemore

The title of the sculpture ” Move One Place On” is based on the tea party chapter when the Mad Hatter stands up and shouts “I want a clean cup let’s all move one place on.” Mongeon encourages those visiting the sculpture to pick a master of ceremonies who will stand up and shout the title. At that moment the tradition will be that all the guests will change places. She can’t wait to see video of this happening.

If feasting at the table and visiting with fanciful creatures is not intriguing enough Mongeon has hidden 150 things in the sculpture in honor of the 150th anniversary of the endearing story. The treasure hunt begins at the dedication plaque shaped as a storybook, balanced on a tree trunk. There is a small stump for children to step up and touch the mouse that rests on a leaf as parents read the dedication. Look at the top of the storybook and you will see the feet of a small white rabbit jumping down a hole at the top of the book. Walk around the stump, and you will see a cut away from the hole where another very small Alice is falling. This dedication plaque begins the search for the 150 hidden things.

Many have asked if there is a master list of the 150 hidden things? Only in the artists head. She will begin to reveal the hidden things through riddle and rhyme in a book and online at, the findingalicesculpture Facebook page and Instagram. She has provided a free detective notebook for families and individuals who might like to document the 150 hidden items. You can find a link to the notebook and other free printables at

Alice In Wonderland sculpture by Bridgette Mongeon

Move One Place On is infested with mice. That is alright they are friendly and children love them. Photograph by Christina Sizemore

 In the story “Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland” and “Through the Looking Glass” Alice gets bigger and smaller with mushrooms and elixirs. In Mongeon’s studio she does this with technology. Mongeon used a combination of traditional sculpting with digital processes that she featured in her book “3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting and Milling.” Bridgette employed 3D scanning in the capturing of the small clay version. When digitized and in the computer, she worked with digital sculpting on the characters to further refine the digital model and then Computer Numerically Controlled milling or (CNC) milling is used to enlarge the design and mill it out in urethane foam. Then she and a team of artist worked to carve, and and add clay to each piece of foam. The detail and the 150 hidden items are painstakingly carved into the work. In some cases, she experimented with 3D printing with the help of Houston 3d printing company Interactive. Together they were able to design and 3D print some of the 150 hidden objects used in the scene. Once 3D printed, the artist embedded the pieces into the clay. The artist’s hints, “Be sure to look at all of the buttons.” She also 3D scanned her mother’s antique teacups, embellished them using 3d sculpting and 3D printed them. These were made into bronze and are the tea cups that sit on the table. Once the sculpting is complete her studio made molds of the art, and they sent them to the art foundry for casting into bronze.
March Hare, better butter and a sculpture by Bridgette Mongeon

Bridgette Mongeon shares with her granddaughter some of the 150 hidden items. She reminds Issa, “Be sure to check the buttons.” Photograph by Christina Sizemore

An avid reader Mongeon hopes that the scene will encourage literacy, but the educational element has gone way beyond that. The creation of “Move One Place On” was a chance to educate children and adults in STEAM. STEAM is an educational initiative that focuses on Science, Technology Engineering, Art, and Math. Mongeon, Alice, and her friends have helped to present STEAM in Wonderland to adults and children at the Bellaire Library, and at Young Women in Math and Science. Mongeon also presented it at 3D Printing World Expo, the Lewis Carroll 150th anniversary celebration, and last November art teachers all over Texas were introduced to STEAM in Wonderland at the Texas Art Educators conference where Mongeon was the  keynote speaker. Mongeon is excited about creating more educational opportunities and is presently working on free curriculum for schools and homeschoolers. She thinks the author Charles Dodgson AKA Lewis Carroll, would approve. After all Dodgson was a mathematician.

Bridgette Mongeon hides mice around Alice in wonderland.

Another mouse that Issa coaxes to come out and play. Photograph by Christina Sizemore

The sculpture has been completed by Deep in The Heart Art Foundry in Bastrop, Texas and installation is planned for early April. In March Mongeon traveled to Deep in the Heart for a metal check and to direct patina on the metal sculpture that weights in near 6,000 lbs. Now that the foundry has the artist’s approval, it will travel through Texas on an open bed trailer from Bastrop to Bellaire and Alice and her friends will have their final resting place in  Evelyn’s memorial garden in Evelyn’s Park.  Keep an eye out for Alice and the gang. You just might see them coming down the I-10 freeway.

The lion and the unicorn are in Alice In Wonderland on the Mad Hatter's chair sculpted by Bridgette Mongeon

Issa examines the arms on the Mad Hatter’s chair.

While at Deep In The Heart art foundry open house the artist visited the sculpture with her five-year-old granddaughter Issa Sizemore. The artist created the artwork in pieces and sent it to the foundry to expedite the process. Even though she created it she had never seen the entire scene altogether. Issa has watched the sculpture take shape and grew up with the design. At the open house, Issa acted as a tour guide climbing all over the sculpture and sharing the secrets of the hidden items. Guests will spend more time under the table than on top of it as the artist says there are approximately 60 things hidden under the table, including many doors to magical places.

Bridgette Mongeon sculpts Wonderland

Children and grown ups alike will fall in love with this tea party experience. Photograph by Christina Sizemore

Bellaire and Houston will now have one of the most coveted dining experiences in Texas. The curious adventure created with Mongeon’s work “Move One Place On ” will continue to intrigue and delight people of all ages.

Dedication is scheduled for April 21, 11-4

Evelyn’s Park
4400 Bellaire Boulevard
Bellaire, Texas 77401

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