Proceeding With Dick

I have to admit that since I have finished writing my black book Dick Hathaway is receiving a lot of attention. I am down in the studio until late at night usually leaving around 11:30. My apprentice comes in at 9 and stays until 1 or 2 in the afternoon. Then I take over. It feels good to have Dick’s hands and feet all attached. Still need to do a lot of detail but now that I have him all together it is much easier to see things. Here are some photograph that my husband took for press purposes. The sculpture goes through its completion from the feet upward. Notice there are no ties on the shoe laces. The foundry fabricates these in metal. I work my way up the socks to the pant legs. The fold in the pants and the hands will take a tremendous amount of time. Once I work my way up the entire torso I will take off the head and work the details separately from the torso.

When the sculpture is cast in metal the entire thing will shrink about an inch, making Dick appear a bit smaller.

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