SIGGRAPH Conference- Looking For Interviews

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SIGGRAPH (Special Interest Group on Graphics and Interactive Techniques) is a very large computer graphics conferences.  I have attended many SIGGRAPH conferences both as an attendee and as press.  As a freelance writer and a podcaster I’m always looking for interesting new technology to discuss.  My added interests this year are also emphasized by being Vice Chairwoman of 3DCAMP Houston 2012.  I’m looking for things that might be of interest for our September 29th conference in Houston and artists for our international call for art for “The Third Dimension” Art show.

Loved writing about the art at the 2008 SIGGRAPH. Traditional veteran sculpture Erwin Hauer embraces technology-An article that I would like to turn into an up-and-coming podcast.

In the past SIGGRAPH has introduced me to some of the most interesting people and technology, and indeed it was the driving force for reference material as I completed an MFA-IA that focused on Art and Technology.

My thoughts on SIGGRAPH and Technology
I thought this might be a good opportunity to posts articles that relate to some of the topics at SIGGRAPH and art and technology that I have written in the past. I’ll also list my focus for my up and coming SIGGRAPH trip. If you know of a booth or an artist I should visit, please let me know.  At this moment, I am not coming as press, but an attendee, unless someone needs an article or two from the conference, I’d be happy to oblige.  My exploration at SIGGRAPH will still be as press, for my freelance articles and podcasts, as well as for a book I have been working on about Art and Technology. I’m just not working in an “official” SIGGRAPH Press capacity, unless someone contacts me to do so between now and SIGGRAPH.

Previous Articles and posts about SIGGRAPH Topics

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Book Chapters
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Podcasts about Art and Technology

Besides writing articles I also have an Art and Technology podcast that I began during my graduate work.  I am very interested in reviving these podcasts now that Graduate school is over.  I’ll enjoy once again having that “fire side chat” with others in the industry.

You can see a list of the Art and Technology Podcasts on my other website Digital or your open the player and begin to listen

My interests for stories and interviews for SIGGRAPH-
Please note: Conferences are busy places. We can meet at SIGGRAPH and set up a time outside of SIGGRAPH to interview further.

  • Anything relating to digital sculpting- software, hardware etc.
  • Output- rapid prototyping advancements, milling, holographic imaging etc.
  • Art and technology-artists and processes
  • Scanning
  • Robotics
  • Antiquities and 3D
  • Education of 3D and especially STEAM
  • Papers relating to psychology and the process of creating in 3D
  • There is always something new that I get so excited about when I go to SIGGRAPH-what is the cool new thing that will thrill me this year?

Here is a look at a video I found on SIGGRAPH Emerging technologies.

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