Starting From The Ground Up! Process Writing For The Evelyn Rubenstein Sculpture

I really do like sculpting feet and shoes.

I guess I’m starting from the ground up.  Or putting my best foot forward.  I had the foam legs and feet with heels on and thought it might be good to start here. I found a pair of my own high heels as reference and have been sculpting for the last few days.  It is funny to have the feet almost done and the rest of the body has not been started.

There are other motives for sculpting the  the feet off of the main body of the sculpture.  I have worked on them for about 2 days and it is much easier having them on a table than to be scrunched down on the floor.

Now that they are done I have wrapped them in saran wrap to prevent any foam from getting on them when I put the entire piece together.  I have created a pipe armature that will enter Evelyn’s back.  This way the weight of the sculpture does not have to set entirely on the foam legs and ankles.  It would be great if there was a pipe going through her leg and heel, but I’m not sure that can work.  I can’t wait to put the foam pieces together and see her as a whole.  First, to hem that skirt a bit.

You can follow along with this entire process of creating a life size bronze for the ERJCC on the Evelyn Rubenstein project blog located at

Bridgette Mongeon is a sculptor, writer, illustrator and educator as well as a public speaker.

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She is also the owner and creator of the God’s Word Collectible Sculpture series

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