The Alice Sculpture Helps To Educate Others

November 2018, sculptor Bridgette Mongeon was the keynote speaker at the Texas Art Educators Conference in Galveston, Texas.

I am thrilled to be chosen as the keynote speaker for the Texas Art Education Association conference to be held November 2017 at Moody Gardens in Galveston, Texas.

Throughout my career as an artist and a writer it is just as important to me to share information and create a learning experience through the creation of my art as it is for me to create the art itself. At the 56th annual conference I will be speaking about the educational initiative title STEAM. I’ll share how others have used, Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Math in an interdisciplinary learning experience and how I have done that in my own studio.

I’ll be focusing on not only my own work but the work of others that I have collected in my book, “3D Technology in Fine Art and Craft: Exploring 3D Printing, Scanning, Sculpting, and Milling. ”

Of course the Alice in Wonderland project title “Move One Place On” has the STEAM education in spades. I’ll share some of that as well.

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