The Bust Is Created Separately From The Torso Of Dick

Here you see the foam, and wire. I created the foam by spraying it into plastic bag that surrounded armature wire. Once the foam has cured I cut away the pieces that I do not need. I then cover it with wax. The wax is so the little gritty things from cutting the foam won’t get caught into my clay. I am amazed at how much the texture of the clay bothers me. I like things smooth.

Interns put clay on foam

Once the wax dries the entire head is covered with clay. This clay that I use is wax base clay. It can be used over and over again. Of course my apprentices clean off any additional pieces of foam or things that are caught into the clay. The clay is melted in another crock-pot (I spend a lot of time combing thrift stores for crock pots, heating plates, and old kitchen utensils).

Once heated this clay can really burn your skin, so we all try to be extra careful when using it.My new apprentice, Jennifer, puts clay on Dick’s bust for me.

Body parts.

I am so thankful for the glasses that I have of Dick. Not only will it help me with his face, but also it becomes something that I can compare everything else to. For example measuring the width of the glasses (five and one half inches) I can take a measurement of them in one of the photographs of Dick and decipher where other parts of his clothing and body fall ie. the length of Dick’s face is approximately two times the width of his glasses or approximately 11 inches long. Of course this is his face in the wedding photo. I notice it seems rounder then it was in some of the photographs taken as he is speaking, probably because he was older.

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