The Money Has Arrived From The TW Wood

The money has arrived from the TW Wood Gallery, and so I can begin the process of creating the molds for the sculpture and getting Dick Hathaway to the foundry which means he can soon come home!

It is a lot of work. Here is the process in a nutshell. By the way. WE STILL NEED MONEY TO GET THE SCULPTURE HOME. So please send your pennies to the TW WOOD gallery. Our target date is August 25th. I went to the foundry today to deliver a portion of the molds and they have agreed that this is enough time to complete the sculpture. Now for the process….

This sculpture is created for the TW Wood Gallery in Vermont. Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has created an entire project blog at
You may also want to watch the three videos created for this project
The sculpting
The casting
The delivery and installation 

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