The Opening Of Evelyn’s Park

April 22nd was Earth day but this year in 2017 it was also the long awaited opening of Evelyn’s Park Conservancy in Bellaire, Texas. We had hoped the sculpture “Move One Place On” would be installed before the opening, but it is delayed at the foundry. We did have one metal piece – the dormouse, that will sit on the table. We also brought some of the hidden objects and talked to everyone about the sculpture that is schedule to arrive in November- we think- we are still waiting for a new confirmation from the foundry. This is the spot where the table and characters will be- one the Corner of Bellaire Blvd and Mulberry Lane. Keep watching on this blog or the Finding Alice Facebook page for more information.

David Morris is my model for the Mad Hatter Body. You can see his poses in previous posts. He is also a good friend and a fellow supporter of technology in education. The bronze of the Dormouse makes an early visit to the park.
We could not have the sculpture in the park at the opening, but we are here on the spot where Alice and her friends will sit. We are talking about the 150 hidden things and sharing information about the sculpture.
The park hires a professional Alice that talks to the children.
This section of the park known as Evelyn’s memorial garden is the place that the sculpture will go. The artist has walked this path many times in prayer and anticipation of the sculpture.
Mayor of Bellaire Andrew S. Friedberg and artist Bridgette Mongeon
Could not have the Alice sculpture but the artist traveled to Bastrop, Texas to pick up the Dormouse that will sit on the table. People looked at the clay, the metal and the mold.
Soon the entire sculpture will fill this space.

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