The Process – The Reason For A Digital Model

In traditional sculpting process a sculptor might present pencil sketches to a client to approve a design. Instead we sent digital models. The reason for these models are that we can see what a sculpture will look like from all directions. Sculpting is not like painting, you have to walk around the sculpture and have it present well from all sides. Digital models help us to do that. Another aspect of the digital model is that I can sculpt on it in the computer adding some detail before sending it off for enlargement. The digital model will really aid us in enlarging this sculpture as you will soon see. Before sending this off for enlargement the university requested I change the shape of the tail. They are concerned with breakage. We tried different tails with the pose and settled on something similar to this. Of course these are only digital sketches, of the direction we are going.

This is from the Prairie View A&M Blog created for this project.

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