The Publishing Industry And Changes Concerning Faith?

As many of you know I also have a Collectibles Gift line.  The God’s Word Collectible company is also the sponsor of two podcasts, of which I am the host. The guests on my podcasts are often reflective of my own personal journey. This month I contacted agent Chip MacGregor from MacGregor Literary Agency.  Mr. MacGregor has worked in publishing for a long time. He has sold books to both (ABA) American Book Sellers Association and the (CBA) The Christian Book Sellers Association.

As I complete my young adult novel and begin to think about publishers I’m not quite sure it will fly with  Christian publishers, though there is a strong message of faith.

Blessed not Possessed-
Developing a Relationship With the Deceased

“While exploring black magic, a family of witches, the dead, and atheism, 15 year old Caroline’s inquisitive nature and detective skills tests her faith and proves her mother is not possessed.”

My novel reflects the strange things that occur during
the sculpting of the deceased, and the science behind them.

I have written about what I think is happening with the changes in readership of what others would call “Christian literature, ” and the desires of young readers in a recent article on this blog.

This podcast with Mr. MacGregor follows this same train of thought.

  • Can Christian Authors cross over from Christian publishing to secular?
  • How is secular publishing changing to accommodate a Christian message?
  • Is Christian publishing changing, allowing things that are more “edgy?”

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( Spoiler alert: the novel is quite biographical, based on some of my own experiences with sculpting the deceased and helping people heal through the process. Yes, someone once called me possessed. )

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