This is a Collaboration- What Does The Panther Mean To You?

I like to create process blogs for my clients. I will often put those same posts here. The process blog for this can be found at .

I posted this on that process blog. I hoped students would read it and reply. I’d love to receive some inspiration with the process. What does this panther represent to the students? What does it make them feel? Anyone out there reading this blog?

One should lead never follow..

Sept 12, 2011 from audi 33

One should lead This looks great, I’m so excited about this project! I can’t wait until it makes its way to the hill of Prairie View A&M University. KEEP UP THE GOOD WORK!!never follow..

Sept 12, 2011 from Jsmaliz

this is awesome!!!

Sept 12, 2011 from Cherokee

The Panther is a recognizable icon that unites the Past, Present, and Future of Prairie View A&M University. A Prairie View A&M University Panther, is someone that understands that from the rich and sometimes dark history of our nation, a first class institution was created in the rebirth of our beloved country, to educate and knowingly contribute to the rebuilding and progression towards a more enlightened society. The Panther, I believe, represents rebirth in all aspects of life, education is the cornerstone for any society, and Prairie View A&M University is dedicated to just that by, “Producing Productive People”.

Sept 12, 2011 from Cherokee

It is nearly 5 years since this post. I wish I had known about it earlier. My name is Elton McWashington, Jr. I majored in Graphic Design when I was at PV. This is a fascinating blog! It is cool to see the whole process play out. I can only imagine what dealing with Talley was like LOL!!! Sooooooo, what does the panther mean to me? The Panther is a dark and mysterious. I always felt like it symbolized the unseen part of a person. The potential. It has always been a reminder to push the envelope and to not be predictable. It’s a powerful animal, so it has also inspired me to find my own power. I haven’t been on the campus long enough to take a stroll since 2008, so I can’t wait to see this statue and take what inspiration I can from it.

Aug 24, 2016 from Unknown

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