Too Sensitive

This semester for my undergraduate interdisciplinary education at Vermont College, I am studying emotion and touch as it pertains to my sculpture and to myself as a sculptor. In the past I have studied the idea that I might have psychic empathy or there may be something spiritual going on concerning my commissions. I can’t say I really talk to the dead or anything. Though I do say, “Good morning” to each of the commissions in the studio and have been known to chat with them. I can’t say I am talking to the dead though, it is more like I am talking to my clay, and I tend to do this with all commissions, alive or deceased.

It was brought to my attention that

“I develop a relationship with the deceased.”

That seemed strange to me at first. How can one do that? But that is what I do. I look forward to getting to know Dick better, through this commission.

I have always been known as the child who was too sensitive, too emotional. I believe that this is why I can do what I do with sculpting the deceased.

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