Very Excited About New Marketing Brochure

This is the front of the new brochure

We have been working diligently on a couple of different marketing plans and target markets. The first is a brochure that is going out to architects, landscape Architects, Interior Designers, and Landscape Designers.

I’m thrilled because it introduced our new digital sculpting services.

This is a tri fold brochure.It has been created by the new intern, Tiffany Post Actually she is not my intern she belongs to my husband’s company, MD Communications next door, but she has been on loan to me for the last couple of weeks. Tiffany is graduating from The Art Institute of Houston. She hopes to get a job in design. I am sure she would be open to freelance work if anyone needs anything, and at a good price. Great way for her to build a portfolio.

This is the back of the brochure.
It can be a self mailer,
but who could put a label over that lion.
I really like the way the back came out.
Good thing the cards come with envelopes.

The printer we are using on this job was recommended by designer and photographer Christian Sizemore. She also does freelance work. WHCC has reasonable prices and does some nice work.

I would love to hear what others think about the brochure. Will be sent to printer next week.

When you open up the tri Fold 5×5 brochure you see this page.
Open the brochure all the way and you see this. It highlights the three areas. Landscape, traditional, architectural and digital.


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