Watch Out Digital Gamers- The Traditional Sculptors Have Arrived!

It is my personal quest to bridge the gap between digital and traditional sculpting. Technology is changing and new tools are available! Remember how photography used to be done? OK it is still done with film, but we all see the advantages to going digital. So it is with sculpting. That is why I am so excited about the book that we are writing.  Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques For Artists. We hope it is not just another digital book showing a software, but that it is an art book as well. That people will buy it not just because of Mudbox, but because they want to have the resources that are in the book to learn from and refer back to no matter what program they are working in.

It is grueling work, and the publisher is breathing down our necks to get more in quicker, but there have been so many setbacks, as you may know by my previous posts. For example Mudbox was not available for the Mac until just a few months ago, and for me that was a huge setback. Then my graphics card did not work with Mudbox once I got it.

I can’t wait until it is complete but for now— back to writing.

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