Welcome Interns And Others- Introducing Our Team

For each project,  I create I put out a call for interns. Some of the interns that work on my projects have worked with me before.  Other interns are usually aspiring art students who want to learn and have new experiences.  Here is my list of my helpers for the sculpture for DBU. If you are an art  student at DBU and live in the Houston area and are interested in interning during your summer break, please feel free to contact me.

James is a student at Houston Community College.  An international student from the Philippines, James is a registered nurse who is now following his heart as an artist.  James is a wonderful asset to the studio. He is industrious and has a passion for “fixing things.”  So far I have 3 torches, a compressor and a couple tools that are in better working order because of James.

Antoinette is in the Industrial Design department at the University of Houston.  She is  a hard worker and has the key element I look for in interns, passion and commitment.   I tell interns,” I can teach them what needs to be done, but passion and commitment are something that you must have. “

Ephraim is the youngest of the interns, but with the holidays he is excited about getting to work with clay. Ephraim is a high school student from Carver Magnet School

Allison is a regular intern. She has worked with me on the Panther Project for Prairie View.

Shirley is an assistant sculptor on the project.  She is trained a bit more than the other interns, and I count on her for specific jobs. She too helped with the Panther project.


Bill is my son-in- law and he can be counted on for helping me put things together. He is going to create my floor.

Christina is my daughter.  She has worked with me her entire life, and though she is very pregnant I can always give her some clay and a sample shoe and say, “rough this in.”  Chris’ claim to fame, “my sculpting is in the shoes of a lot of mom’s projects.”

My husband, Mike does not help in the traditional studio , though I have to say he has rallied to my aid with the problems with the rocking chair. God bless my husband.  Mike’s forte is my digital and computer problems.  He fabricated the digital chair, and helped with other aspects of the project.


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