What Is On My Marketing Check List?

Some wonder, “Do you sleep?” What are your marketing endeavors?

I do have a list in my head, but here are some I have going now, as well as some that I have achieved.

1. Contact SCBWI about letter of reference on marketing workshop
2. Post support material for marketing workshop
3. Twitter on posts about the above.
4. Research Christian Agents- Check out the video in the post Great Resources for Writers on Finding an Agent.
5. Must figure out how to redo the God’s Word website, and changing servers. Looking at different shopping cart options. ( HUGE UNDERTAKING. DEADLINE FOR CHANGING THE ENTIRE WEBSITE- END OF YEAR IF NOT SOONER! )
6. Help as many people as I can, because it is a good thing to do.
7. Schedule November Podcasts- all podcasts are marketing in one way or another.
8. Look into the new, wonderful terrific idea I had to support the writing of this present book. ( sorry guys can’t share this yet.)
9. Post on blog
10. Edit and put up podcast that was recorded last month to Budapest
11. Look at taking marketing workshops into online webinars.
12. Ride my daughter, because she is creating new marketing material for my fine art and taking a very, very long time to complete them. But I love her and am busy with other things.
13. Write a letter to the kids at Culture Shapers, this is more need to inspire than to market.
14. Research websites that can find and monitor tweets per subject.

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