Why Is It Taking So Long?

Someone called and posed that question. A normal bronze life-size commission can take anywhere from six months to a year depending on the schedule of the foundry. However, the memorial sculpture of Richard Hathaway is not normal. The sculpting and half of the foundry fees were donated by myself. The balance of the foundry fees was raised through the efforts of the TW Wood gallery and the loving people of Vermont. That took some time. Now they we are both working on finding the money to bring him home. Meanwhile… I would not proceed with the bronze process until I had the money from the TW Wood gallery. I have been told it is going to be mailed this week. So Dick Hathaway is being all spruced up to go into the mold making process. I expect this to happen next week. I’ll record it and of course create another video of the process as promised.

This sculpture is created for the TW Wood Gallery in Vermont. Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon has created an entire project blog at https://dickhathaway.blogspot.com/
You may also want to watch the three videos created for this project
The sculpting
The casting
The delivery and installation 

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