Working Through Presentations- Daz-Poser-Zbrush-Part 2

As I stated in my last post. I am trying to do a presentation for a client. We are working on the design for a small bronze sculpture. I wondered what would happen if I brought my daz model into zbrush. The most I could hope for is that it would take it out of the color version of Poser and perhaps I could display it in clay, add a base and some other elements. To my surprise it came in quite nicely. The process was simple I made the Poser file as an obj. and imported into zbrush as a subtool. And for a greater excitement I found the mesh was not that bad. FYI a good mesh for sculpting is made up of quads without triangles. This mesh is not that bad and I might even be able to sculpt on it to give it more movement for the presentation. Of course once this is done I have to go downstairs and work in the real clay, but for now this really helps the client and I to be on the same page. Now, back to the drawing board as I really want to sculpt on this and perhaps even do one or two other designs for the client to see.

Bringing the Daz models, posed in Poser into zbrush was a delight!
Hey, this mesh isn’t that bad, of course I have not tried to sculpt on it yet.

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