3d Printing In Sand And Metal!

Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon and Bob Wood

I was invited by Bob wood to the proMetal shop here in Houston. We have another engagement for Bob to come to the studio as soon as my schedule frees up a bit.

I was thrilled to be able to see the process of printing in sand. Yes, there you have it… 3D printing in sand! As usual this technology was first developed for manufacturing as you see by this casting of this fly wheel thing.

I’m also putting some pictures up of their 3D digital printing in metal. This is another part of of the company. The skull was created that way. Yes, they say they can print in bronze or gold! I’ll be describing this process in an up and coming book.

The sand is like the investment cast on the mold. and it is printed in this huge machine that Bob Wood and I are standing in front of. If this process can be perfected to get smooth surfaces it can really take over the investment casting of bronze casting. The lost wax method would literally be history, and there would be no more storing all of those molds! YEAH TO THAT! plus once the art is computerized it could be made to fit piece to piece. In other words, the seams would be put together like a puzzle. in the computer aiding in the welding together. So cool. The possibilities of this are incredible.

I have to get through the Mudbox book first. But am chomping at the bit about starting this other book. It will cover all of the new technology of output from the computer, as well as getting items into the computer— Digital scanning. So excited!

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