Learning New Information To Share With Others

I have been very busy working on the Mudbox book. I have also pitched a second book all on my graduate studies of 3D digital printing, milling and scanning as it pertains to the traditional art studio. I’ll let you know as soon as the publisher bites. Meanwhile it is on to finishing the Mudbox book and continuing my studies and research. I have found some great videos on a wonderful site called Guerilla CG. I would highly recommend it.

Since I am now working on retopologizing and writing about that huge word. This video was important to me. As you will learn, quads are better than triangles when it comes to sculpting or animating. So I am learning how to take my artwork that is scanned and retopologize it so that I can change it in Mudbox and then print it out. I have an article about the scanning process that should be coming out soon on my Best of Artists and Artisan’s Sculpture column. I’ll be sure to put the link here when it comes out. Now back to research.

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