My Precious Mom and Cohost- Now Resides in Heaven- Press Release for God’s Word Collectibles

We are saddened that Barbara Ingersoll, one of the cohosts of the Inspiration/Generations Podcast that was known as Graham and was mother to cohost Bridgette Mongeon, grandmother to cohost Christina Sizemore, has gone to be with the Lord. Barbara was getting quite a following since the conception of the podcasts in 2008. The podcasts were born out of fervent prayer between the three women.

Barbara reports in one of the first podcasts, “Four years ago I fell and broke both of my hips so that has put an end to physically active ministry for me, but though I am in my 70’s and disabled, it does not put an end to the work of the Holy Spirit through me or through anyone really. That is one of the reasons why I wanted to do this podcast because I can’t do active ministry, but I can do this, talking on the phone and that is easy for me.”

Barbara suffered from osteoarthritis and several other ailments through her life. She lived almost every day of her life in pain, yet God sustained her and strengthened her faith. The three women discussed just before Barbara’s death that the Generational podcast can continue through the many journals that Barbara has written over her lifetime. In one of the last entries Barbara states, “ I proclaim to all the earth and all powers and principalities that these are healing podcasts —no matter where you are in your walk with the Lord… However far you have come in your journey.”

Before her passing Barbara participated in over 38 podcasts. Her last interview was with Ruth Graham, together they talked about healing hurting women. That was a yearning for Barbara throughout her entire life. In her younger days she developed support groups for hurting women and then trained leaders for support groups. She did this throughout western New York and Canada. The transition from life to life everlasting held its own blessings and are recorded in a podcast titled “What happens at Death.” Where the two cohosts report on the conversations and visitations that their mom and grandmother had from those who went before her. This part of death was a touching and healing process for all. On Thursday Augusts 20, 2009 a memorial service was held for Barbara. This too has also been added to this list of podcasts as her life and ministry were celebrated by many.

There is nothing more honoring for Barbara’s life to have her ministry continue to help women. To have her past, her fortitude and struggles make a difference in someone else’s life. We ask that you continue to pray for the Inspiration/Generations podcast, become a regular listener and share the links with others.

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