New Direction For Me Concerning YouTube

The other day I wanted to listen to a lecture on the neurology and faith/ belief, yes that is what I do in my spare time.  Actually it is research for yet another book. I always have a couple of book projects going. Anyway, there was a podcast that I found on YouTube and it hit me, yes there were neural connections in my own brain that began to fire and I wondered, Can I do that with my podcasts?

I have three different podcasts— the Art and Technology Podcasts covers a wide range of interests for me concerning my endeavors with bridging the gap between the traditional sculpture studio and new technology. I expect to do more podcasts on these subjects in the near future as I am going to start a new book on the topic, more on that later.

The Creative Christian Podcast and the Inspirations Generations Podcasts are two podcasts that I have been doing, 3 a month, since 2008.  At first it was a dialogue between my mother, my daughter and I, as well as interviews with special guests like Ruth Graham, Dr. Gary Chapman, and Scott Hamilton.  Then it changed. It always seems to reflect my life events.  When mother died we covered a lot on grief and mother loss, when beginning my novel I added the Creative Christians Podcast and talked to authors and writers. The topics range from atheism to publishing with Christian publishers like Zondervan.

I was intrigued with the idea to put a podcast on YouTube. I have had a Sculptorwriter YouTube page for a few years and yesterday I put up my first podcast.  Note:

  • Video is much more viral than podcasts.
  • My gift line God’s Word Collectibles is the sponsor of the series. Video allows me to show the work.
  • With the new closed captions that are now a part of YouTube, the podcast is also searchable by search engines, which helps me with my marketing.  I also love the idea that deaf people will have access to my podcasts.
  • You tube offers auto transcriptions- I have wanted to transcribe all of the podcasts, but it is very difficult and time consuming and not an investment that I am  willing to make right now.

So here is my first podcast that I created as a YouTube.  If you would like to see how it was done and the details on using and editing your closed captions please look at the next posts titled Moving your Podcasts to YouTube- and Using and Editing Closed Captions in YouTube

Please note, when you watch this video, if you turn on closed captions- by pressing the cc on the bottom of the screen, I have only edited the first 5-7 minutes of the captions. After that… well let me just say that the automated transcriptions that YouTube closed captions provides leaves something to be desired, but it is a place to start and I am  thankful for Google and YouTube for thinking of it.

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