Signed The Contract Yesterday On A New Book

Digital Sculpting with Mudbox: Essential Tools and Techniques For Artists.

I am thrilled with the idea because I feel this book begins a cross over between digital sculpting and traditional sculpting. Something that has not been done before. I am working on the book with my husband Mike de la Flor. He brings the digital sculpting to the forefront, and I on the other hand, approach this from an entirely new and different perspective. I will be spending hours and hours, not just writing but also working in this program, and immersing myself into more and more technology. Things are changing out there and the technology that is coming up is a great resource for traditional sculptors.

Stay tuned for next years Houston Symposium on New Technology for Traditional and Digital Sculptors. It will be out after the book of course, and will include

* digital milling
* digital scanning ( including digital a new digital scanner that is affordable to the average studio, Too cool )

* digital printing
* digital printing in bronze and gold ( TOO COOL!)
* digital milling in wood
* digital milling in stone!

and who else knows what is going to come of this. IF it works well we hope to duplicate it in other cities, let us know if you would like to sponsor such an event, or if you have new technology that you might like to include.

Meanwhile it is back to the grindstone. Must put in estimates for projects and get back to the virtual sculpting stand.

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