The Most Useful Free Program For The Mac!

I love this program. I use it when creating in many different ways. Sure, some programs try to replicate this, but frankly this is much easier to use. What is it? It is called PhotoStickies. I’m including the description from the devon-technologies website Here is my quick description. A program that allows you to display photographs on your desktop. It also allows you to quickly change size and even opacity. What does that mean? If I am working in Zbrush or Mudbox and I want to be able to see the reference photographs of someone or something as I am working on them or If I want to have a variety of photographs up at one time. I can do this with PhotoStickies. And I can change the opacity of the photograph, bring it to the front and place it right over my work area of another program! Just in case I’m checking my accuracy. Amazing.

I am sure you can find many ways to use this free Mac program. Sorry. I don’t know of anything like this for the PC.


PhotoStickiesPhotoStickies gives you unique access to your favorite pictures. Use PhotoStickies to put all your favorite pictures on your desktop in the form of floating (even borderless) stickies. You may pull pictures for these stickies from your hard drive, or the Internet. PhotoStickies also displays webcam images live on your desktop, updating them automatically. You can even use PhotoStickies to record web cams for later viewing, or make a web cam your desktop picture.


* Displays all image formats supported by Mac OS X
* Displays images from your hard drive or the web
* Shows images as stickies or as your desktop wallpaper
* Edit images using live effects, like transparency or color correction
* Record streaming webcam images for later viewing
* Discover new places with an Internet-based list of webcams
* Can run as a menu extra

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