I’m enjoying creating the videos and am just learning about all of the places to post them. Please keep coming back and checking on my productions. Future plans for production include

* Creating a mold and casting the Dick Hathaway memorial

* The travel to Vermont and the installation of the Dick Hathaway memorial ( I am searching for Vermont College and Goddard College alumni between Texas, where the studio is located and Montpelier, where the sculpture will be placed. I hope to shoot footage of the professor along the way).

* Creating the Newsboy ( this is a video version of what was created as a blog years ago)

* The inspiration behind each of the God’s Word Collectible Gift pieces http://www.godsword.net

* A spiritual testimony

* The creative process and spiritual enlightenment, how do they go together

* Marketing in the arts

and the list goes on.

Of course I may be sidetracked by my podcasts that I want to create. These too will be on several topics, including an ongoing series called Generations. My daughter, my mother and I will be discussing different topics, Three generations of Christian women!

Meanwhile… I still must create. and I am thankful for the apprentices that have applied. Soon I will be introducing them.

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