Wonderful Conversations- Ton of Information

Last week Bob Wood from ex one put together a conference call between the following people and myself. As Bob put it.

The purpose of the call is to attempt to answer as many questions as we can for Bridgette who is researching information for a book that she is writing. I have had many conversations with her over the last year or so and she has toured our Houston RCT jobshop. To paraphrase what she is trying to ascertain from us is how a traditional sculptor can migrate into the electronic design and manufacturing world. As all of us know, it took us years to figure this out. Bridgette is trying to define the process so that traditional artists can become productive without having to go through a painful learning curve that may cause them to shy away from this technology.

HE knows me well. Though he also failed to say.I have pitched a second book idea, am writing articles on these subjects and a good deal of my graduate studies is around the process. On the phone were the following people. It was so great to chat with these very knowledgeable people. It was also good to be around 3D people who, when I told them that I wanted to get designs out of the computer did not say, “why do you want to do that?”

Bridgette Mongeon – Sculptor, Artist, Author
Houston, TX

Chuck Gailey – 3D Designer, Architect- designer, Artist
Whitefish, MT

Gabriel Obregon – 3D Artist, Freeform designer
Pittsburgh, PA

Mike Orange – Prometal Production Manager
Irwin, PA

Bob wood

All I can say is I wish I would have recorded this meeting. You all know I have been doing Christian podcasts for a while. Don’t be surprised if you begin to also see some art podcasts posted here. I have everything set up for podcasts and my spotonradio.com station has another channel. Now all I need is the time.

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