Help Wanted-Personal Assistant With Public Relations And Marketing Background

Bridgette's book on 3D technology

I am a an author, sculptor and speaker and I am searching for a personal assistant with public relations and marketing background to assist me in my Houston, Texas art studio-part time, but may turn into full time. Hours are flexible.

Duties will include:

  • Your duties will include helping me to promote the Alice in Wonderland Monumental Bronze Sculpture. This is a huge amount of work since the 150th anniversary of Alice in Wonderland is July 4th, 2015. (There is a good chance that the park that is hosting this sculpture will also need publicity and more work will follow.)
  • Also, I need help in promoting my new book that is coming out in Sept. I will be booking speaking engagements in various parts of the US.

You will also:

  • Create, deliver, edit, and optimize PR materials.
  • Ensure that messages are supportive of and consistent with marketing strategies.
  • Supervise social media outreach.
  • Deliver content via LinkedIn, Twitter, Facebook, email, or direct mail.
  • Coordinate and deliver email campaigns.
  • Manage video content –
  • Create and deliver press releases, media relations content, social media content, and speaking proposals.
  • Creative Thinker
  • Strong organizational, written, verbal, presentation and interpersonal skills. Excellent computer skills, including a working knowledge of the Internet.
  • Degree in public relations, marketing or communications is preferred but may not be necessary if all other qualifications are met.
  • Book and organize my speaking engagements.

A person with connections with national and international media is a plus.

If you are interested and would like to apply please use my contact form on my website with “Personal PR Assistant” as the main subject. Send me your resume and information about yourself with any appropriate links. Please also let me know your availability.

Looking For Interns-ASAP

This is the immediate project. Need help evenings or days.

I have several projects coming up, and one in house right now. I’m looking for interns to work in the studio. Can work evenings or daytime.

I have tried to outline what the process  of being an intern in my sculpting studio consists of.   I have also given links to projects so students can become more familiar with the process.

I have a large Internet presence and often create “project blogs” for my clients to follow along with the sculptures as I create them. They are also a great educational tool. I’ll list some posts below, but if students are interested they can visit the project blogs to see how I work.

One project coming up- A 15 foot tiger.
This is a digital model of the intended sculpture.

Some of the project blogs are

What I need:

* Physically capable bodies to work on sculpting two projects, possibly three.  The first is a  life-size praying man, the second is a 15 foot tiger that is climbing on rocks. I’m including a digital sketch of what that looks like. I may also have a sculpture of Neil Armstrong for Russia.  All of these are bronze that are created in traditional process of sculpting with clay.   This is very physical work.

* Knowledge of figurative sculpting is not essential. I will take passion over knowledge any day!

* I would like atleast 20 hours of work per intern, but if they need to do less I will use more interns working less hours. I just need to be sure that I can schedule them.


* A commitment. Please- I have deadlines and need to have people who can honor those deadlines. The internship needs to be important to them.

What the students receives:

* Interns will be educated  in the process of figurative sculpting. They will also learn about the lost wax method of bronze casting.  I am also open to talking to students about working as a commissioned artist, and the digital process in the traditional studio. All of my interns love the encouragement that they receive working in my studio.

* I can use students for possibly the holiday break and the next semester. If they are interested in a longer relationship that is a possibility.

* I’m happy to provide documents for school credit or letters of recommendation for the interns.

* A paid internship is a possibility.  However, I need to see the students abilities first.  I also would rather work on a bonus system- payment at the end of a project rather than an hourly wage, but if payment is necessary for the internship with the school let me know. I can work this out.

Here is what students will be doing.

The clay I use is a wax based clay that needs to be melted and put on the foam armature that we put together.  Here is a blog post about armature building for the Prairie View A & M Panther Or the Evelyn Rubenstein Sculpture for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community center.

The sculpture is covered in foundry wax and then  wax based clay. The clay is heated up in crock pots and applied. It is a bugger to smooth  and interns are often smoothing this out with torches and tools. Some more blog posts about this process

If an intern feels like the above is grueling work then they have not seen anything. The mold making process is brutal.  Many foundries actually do this part of the process, but artists must learn this as it can save quite a bit of money.  The interns will be taken through the entire mold making process. Because we are working on different pieces, different types of mold making will be used for different parts of the sculptures.  The sculpture, once perfected and approved, must be cut up into many, many different sections.  You can read about the mold making process on some of my project blogs. The panther had over 32 mold pieces. Here are some of the many posts about mold making.

Though this is often another part of the foundry process I use interns to help me clean waxes. This expedites the projects and helps me to be sure the bronze will turn out how I want it.  Cleaning up waxes for the foundry processes is an art. Each intern will learn how to use the tools and be working with me and the foundry to create these pieces.  The foundry is local and I will introduce the students to the foundry and their process. When they are available they can come to the foundry with me for approvals and to see how the job is coming along.

That is about it.

If a student is interested they should let me know their intent and availability through e mail. I can be reached at this bridgette ( the at sign) Please put INTERN in the subject line.

Thanks for passing the word I hope we can find some students as I believe this will be a great experience for them.

Bridgette Mongeon

There are also some links on my blog about interns

What Is An Internship?

An intern and I work on getting the foam mold together for the 11 foot panther

I often bring interns into the sculpture studio and office.  Being an intern is a win win situation.  I obtain help with my projects and the intern gets to learn.  A studio intern helps me with my sculpting projects. An office intern works in the office helping me with marketing and public relations. Most of my internships are unpaid.  Though they are unpaid that does not mean there are not advantages.  Here are some of them:

  • Information/education- I’m a talker and often I will talk about new projects, new material, and just about anything the intern wants to talk about while we work.  It is an opportunity for an up and coming artist to pick my brain.
  • Instruction– Often the same thing an intern is learning, say mold making, other people are paying me to learn in a class.
  • Marketing Information– The information that interns receive are not just on how art is done or how to sculpt. I teach marketing to artists, and an intern can expect to learn this, if they are so inclined.
  • Opportunities-On more than one occasion  I have had requests for jobs that I thought might be very appropriate for an up and coming artists and have passed them on to interns.
  • Connections- Besides being in the studio, when the opportunity arises I like to bring interns to gallery shows, introduce them to other artists and art organizations and take field trips to such places as my foundry or manufacturing facility. On other occasions, with long term and dedicated interns  I have paid for luncheons and conferences that were pertinent to the interns studio and work in the studio. I have traveled with some interns to conference and shows.
  • Perks- I offer all interns discounts on my classes and from time to time if I have one more chair to fill and an intern is willing, I’ll offer them the class for free.
  • Personal one on one- sometimes interns are working on sculpture in their own home/studio and want to have some guidance. They are welcome to bring their piece to my studio so that we can discuss it. From time to time interns have used my studio to work on their own pieces.
  • Experience If you are applying for a job and have worked as an intern I can write a letter of recommendation. If you need a letter of recommendation for school, or other I approach this on a case by case basis.  You are also welcome to put your work at B. Mongeon Sculpture Design studio on your resume.
Another intern paints wax on the foam so the
grit does not get into the clay

What is required?
Having a passion for what you do and a knowledge that your efforts can make an extreme difference is more important to me than the amount of experience you have. I  can teach sculpting, but I can’t teach you passion.

Studio Interns -In the studio some other things that are helpful but not necessary
A love of sculpture, knowledge of the human anatomy and a desire to grow as an artist
Digital modeling or sculpting in zbrush or mudbox as well as knowledge about 3d scanning is also helpful.

After long hours I have been known to get a little crazy with the interns.

Office Interns
we work on both PC’s and Macs, but the intern computer is mac. A Knowlege of WordPress and microsoft word are the basics.

There is not telling. Sometimes I am working on a job, say mold making for a life size sculpture. I know it will take me a week of intense work and at those times I am looking for someone who can help me as much as possible.  Other times the work load is much less intense.  I have had people come in the evenings, on weekends or through the day.  The amount of time and the time of day can be arranged with each intern.

Two interns flip the panther after completion so that we can make a mold of his tummy.

What it is not

  • The studio is not a clean environment- work shoes and clothes are necessary, and if you don’t like getting your hands dirty… well the studio internship is not for you, you might be more suited for the office marketing internship.
  • Though I love what I do, I spend a lot of time cleaning up messes.  Before I can start another project or another part of project I have to clean up the mess from the previous one.  This also includes me getting down on my hands and knees in the studio and scraping the clay off of the floor, if I do it you do it as well.
  • The studio also has dogs and cats that wander in and out. So if you have severe allergies, you might reconsider.

My studio and office are located just north of the Heights area, in Houston, Texas It is a very laid back atmosphere and you will often find me taking breaks by the pond or visiting with the creatures that I find on the way to the studio.

How Do I apply?
Simply drop me a line and tell me you are interested. If you are under 18, I’ll have to visit with your parents and have them sign a release form. Please note work with FIre, power tools, hot wax, knives and many other tools.  I’d love to set up a time to meet. We can chat, and please bring by some of your work so I can see what you do.

Someone needed to take all of the clay off of the pieces of
the panther so that it could be reused. No interns so I did it myself.

What are some of the things interns have helped you with?
Putting together armatures
Smoothing clay
Adding wax and clay
mold making
cleaning waxes for bronze casting
Assistance art art shows, conferences, presentations,  and the Upsidedown Christmas party
Helping me to organize and clean-  One day I will find the time and the intern who can help me clean the back room.
Look up the following blogs to see the jobs that interns have helped with Richard Hathaway sculpture for The TW Woods Gallery Vermont Evelyn Rubenstein for the Evelyn Rubenstein Jewish Community Center. Prairie View A & M panther

Office interns help with:

Marketing in print and digital, public relations and other areas of the business of art.

Other information

What we do at B. Mongeon Sculpture Design studio
Portraits, life size sculpture mascots, The God’s Word Collectible Gift series, Digital design and technology digital sculpting 3d scanning.  Also, My husband is Mike de la Flor and is a medical illustrator, you may see him from time to time. He has the same philosophy as I do about up and coming artists. We both want to encourage individuals.  As any successful artist knows you spend a great deal of time marketing your art and sometimes I am up in the office while interns are working downstairs.  I’m also a writer, and a host of podcasts which keeps me upstairs just as much time as downstairs.

It feels great to celebrate at the unveilings with the interns that helped me bring the piece alive. Photo credit Shirley Skidmore.

You are welcome to take pictures of our work together, but permission must be obtained on a case by case basis. Some of my projects I’m not allowed to talk about publicly until they are completed.   You can also post the work, but I will need to tell you how to post credits, as my contract states I have to do this.

Immediate Short Term Sculptor internship-paid

If you have always wanted to know how to make molds, especially molds for bronze casting than this is for you. Master Sculptor Bridgette Mongeon is looking for someone who can work in her Houston, Texas Sculptor studio to help make molds. No artistic abilities necessary but very helpful. Should be strong, and not allergic to cats. Though the sculpture we are making is of a cat- very large panther, there are also two cats in the studio. Pay 8-10 an hour. Call 713-699-1739 if you are interested. Please let it ring as I might be pouring plaster.
Monday September 26th- Thursday September 30th

Please pass this on or retweet.

Saying Goodbye To The PR Intern – Hannah

Hannah has been interning as public relations intern in the office. We will miss her. She is changing directions in her career and we wish her luck. Her position is open, and I’d appreciate you passing the word. However please also let others who are interested know “must love dogs” for every day at our facility is take your dog to work day!

Hannah wanted to have the dogs in the picture and I thought on the deck would be great, however trying to get two dogs to pose, when one of them is Sam – black lab, is not easy. So we said, how about at the pond? Yes, it is true when you work here you have a beautiful pond to visit and a meditative place to gain your center. That is my sanctuary. You can even say hi to the turtles and fish. Anyway. Sitting on the bridge of the pond Sam went for a drink and then we were slobbered by a combination of dog spit and pond scum. IKKKKK. And that is the way Hannah was sent off.

Thanks again Hannah for your wonderful work. I hope I can soon find someone to fill your shoes.

Welcome Hannnah Ahn

We would like to welcome Hannah Ahn to the office of Bridgette Mongeon Fine Art Sculpture and the office of God’s Word Collectible sculptures. Hannah will be working as a public relations and marketing intern for both companies. Hannah has a BS in communications studies, corporate communications and a concentration in Business from the University of Texas at Austin.

We are especially glad that she appreciates that every day is dog day in our offices. Hannah will be working with both the marketing and public relations of both companies as well as my writing and speaking engagement. Her challenge will be to learn to juggle everything that I do.

I’d like to personally thank the PUblic Relations Sociey of America- Houston Chapter. I posted the need for an intern on their job board and I had many qualified applicants. We are looking forward to a long and prosperous relationship with Hannah.

I Think I Need to Declare an Apprentice Appreciation Day

I love my apprentices.

I can’t believe it has taken me so long to show a picture of Caroline, one of my apprentices at work. So far she has helped on waxes and is now getting to try her hand in the clay. Her hours only consist of two evenings as she works another job. Unfortunately she misses out on some of the fun stuff, like taking trips to the foundry.

Please also keep Russo, my former apprentice in your prayers. As I mentioned in the Dick Hathaway video, she was an exchange student from Georgia. No one has heard from her since the upheaval between Georgia and Russia.

Looking For an Apprentice… Once Again

Interviewing for an apprentice again.
If you are interested or you know of someone who might be interested in being an apprentice in an art studio, have them contact me. The complete description is listed below.

Houston Sculptor is seeking apprentice.

This job consists of working in a real art studio with a master sculptor as well as in the foundry for bronze casting when necessary. Work is figurative. Your duties would include anything from smoothing clay, helping to make armatures for life size sculpture, assisting artist with working waxes for the bronze process and clean up. The work can get dirty. Desire for art and a commitment is the only prerequisite.

This is not a paying internship however there are sometimes bonuses involved and the learning experience and exposure are invaluable. The artist’s studio is located just north of the 610 loop off of shepherd. Hours are flexible, we can work around your schedule if you can committed to at least 5-10 hours a week. Upon completion of the summer the artist would be happy to write a letter of recommendation for the student for college or job.

If you would like to see some of the artist work or look at how other apprentices have helped check out the blogs listed below.
Artist’s web site is located at

Please contact Bridgette through her contact page on her website
And put Intern/Apprentice in the Subject headline. Be sure to let me know when you are available and your desire. If you are under 18 we will need to meet at my studio with your parents and they will be required to sign a consent form.