The Richard Hathaway Excursion Comes to a Close And I Head Back to Texas

Stopping in Niagara Falls on the way home.
I grew up here but, my friend has never seen it.

It was wonderful being able to spend some time in Western New York after delivering the sculpture to Vermont. Traveling with someone who never has seen this part of the country offered me the opportunity to show her things like Niagara Falls and Historical North Tonawanda — home of the carousel. We went to the carousel museum while here. In fact, I grew up in the Hershel home on Christiana street. I wish I could have spent a bit more time doing touristy things, but I did get to spend time with family and living so far from them that is always good. Now it is back to Texas and the studio. I have listened to some reports on the Internet about the recovery from Hurricane Ike. Many are still trying to recover and many in my immediate neighborhood still do not have electricity after 19 days. My Southern home will never look the same with the devastation in our Beloved Galveston. I have been so removed from it both physically and emotionally.

The carousel museum means a lot to me.
I lived in the owners home.

On to the commissions in the studio and writing a book with my husband on digital techniques used in the traditional sculpting studio. A subject that I have been writing on quite a bit lately. The publisher is excited as are we. This is a subject that has not been written about.

Trip Back to Buffalo- All My Responsibilities Are Over, I Can Rest!

How can you resist a Vermont farm stand?
Stopping at a veggie stand. It is self serve on the honor system.

We are finished with all of the having to be someplace at sometime! It is great to relax. Yesterday was the trip back to Buffalo. We left Vermont early but spent some time stopping, eating a leisurely breakfast at a place called Bees Knees in Morrisville, Vermont. This little girl was there. I thought she might be an artist and hope that she finds my email and keeps in touch. Wonderful personality! I love her pose. It inspires me to paint or sketch or do something of her.

Apparently these garbage cans are bear proof and Bridgette proof.
We must be in New England.

A Day Filled With Spirit And Friends—The Unveiling

The scenery around the campus portrays what I’m feeling inside.

Today was an incredible day. Spirit filled- with the honoring of Jenna, and Dick and Charlotte.
It started with a long walk in the mountains of Vermont.

Taking a hike in the woods.
Jenna’s mom and I on the Vermont College lawn.

Jenna’s parents met me in Vermont to pick up Jenna. Jenna was an incredible part of the unveiling of the Dick Hathaway memorial as she was “the angel that came from Texas with Dick.”
I loved spending time with Jenna’s mom. I am glad that we have our book project going as I can keep in touch with her and still have a connection.

Friends gather to see Richard Hathaway

The sculpture of Dick Hathaway was unveiled tonight. David, Dick’s son did the unveiling and posed with his dad on the bench. My client was actually the people of Vermont. Those who knew and loved Dick and who helped to raise money to cast the sculpture and bring Dick home. One of the local stations covered the event and I hope to be able to provide the video of this event on the blog at a later date. Several of Dick’s friends shared memories of the man, and then the unveiling. I waited to see the faces of those in the audience. The emotion would reveal if I had captured the essence of this incredible man. Tears where shed and the comments were all favorable. Not many people posed with Dick or even sat with him. One person mentioned, “I’ll come back when no one is around to spend some time with Dick.” I think it will be that way for many and I look forward to sharing the thoughts and experiences of many on the Dick Hathaway blog.
Ben Scotch put a magazine next to Dick stating that this would now be a new tradition. Leave a book for the next person to find. Dick would have liked that.

He looks like he is giving a speech.

When the crowed had cleared three young students came up to the sculpture and commented on how incredible it was. “Who did this?” they asked, then next question was one that promoted me to create the sculpture, “who was the man, why did you make it.” This gave me the opportunity to tell of the works of Dick Hathaway and what a wonderful man he was, and how we could all be a little more like Dick Hathaway. I know those students will think about that each time that they go by, they may even tell their friends. That is exactly the goal that I wanted to achieve. the memory lives on.

I think this is emotional for some.
It will be the tradition to leave a book on Dicks seat.
The gangs all here.
I’m so excited.
Dick’s son having fun.
Video taping the installation. I never got a copy.

Installation- Unveiling is Thursday!!!!

Eating breakfast at the air bnb.

After eating a hardy breakfast at Betsy’s B & B I headed off to meet the maintenance crew of Vermont College to install Dick Hathaway. It went so easily. The guys had reinforced the bench, and did a great job. They had plenty of muscle to unload him and when placed on the bench his foot touched the ground. there can sometimes be shrinkage with bronze and I feared his foot would not touch. The satchel was placed next to him, holes drilled to secure him and he was actually welded onto the bench. when the gallery curator came she wept. That is the emotional reaction that I long for. It is a younger Dick Hathaway, after placing him the maintenance crew just stood on a looked.

Taking Dick out of the car.

They also took the plywood out of my car. This helped to secure Dick in the back of the SUV, it was also used to secure my windows during the hurricane. It is a reminder of what a long two weeks this has been.

Professor Hathaway takes his perpetual seat on the bench.

Once the sculpture was placed I could not help but have a few shots of the two of us on the bench. I can’t wait to see others interact with the sculpture, and when you do, PLEASE SEND PICTURES. When the sculpture was installed, I covered him with the sheet that I sewed by generator in Houston after the storm. There he sits, a black ghosts awaiting the unveiling tomorrow evening. I can’t wait.

It has been a long and emotional road to get here.

This evening I sit in yet another bed in another home, the home of the curator. I guess until now I was working on adrenaline. I feel quite tired now, but relieved! I hear I am hiking in the woods in the morning. I hope I can get up.

When it was all done I jumped for joy!

He will perpetually beckon to those passing by
The bench has been reinforced. Now to bolt in Dick Hathaway.
Friend remember Dick.
I did it!
A draped Dick Hathaway.

Don’t Sleep In The Clothes in Which You Cook

I failed to mention the auction items from Pennsylvania and Ohio. Pennsylvania auction item is a small coffee cup. Ohio is a corkscrew from another winery, no we are not winos we just could not find anything at the last minute. I’ll have to post pictures of the coffee cup later.

More things for Dick Hathaway’s auction. A cork screw.

New York’s auction is… I believe Jam, but I’ll have to look and post that photograph later.

It took much longer to get to Vermont than we thought. we had estimated 7 hours but the ferry from NY to Vermont runs on the hour and we missed it. Then it took an hour on the ferry before arriving in Burlington and another 30 minutes to Montpelier. Dick at this moment is home in his green mountain state.

Prior to getting to Vermont we drove through the Adirondack mountains. I learned so much like, “never sleep in the clothes that you cook in.” It is a black bear thing. Gloria and I tried to dump the trash from our cars but could not open the trash cans. It dawned on me that they are bear proof, apparently they are also Gloria and Bridgette Proof. If there was a hidden camera taking pictures I am sure the rangers would have a good laugh at the humans. Cell phones don’t work in those mountains either. God forbid something should happen to the car, we have food for those black bears and it also occur ed to me that we could not get to the spare tire for the weight of Dick Hathaway. No more worries about that, we are here now!

This was on the back of a map at a rest stop.

The “send help” poster was on the back of a map of the Adirondack mountains.

Tomorrow we install the sculpture. This is what I have worked so hard for the last two years. Can’t wait.

The ferry ride from NY to Vermont.

Leaves were beautiful in the Adirondack mountains. I think they will even be better by Friday when we leave. We got in so late that we had to stay at Betsy’s B. and B.’ s in Montpelier for the night.

This ferry ride was so surreal.

More later

In NY, On To Vermont!

Nothing special about traveling through Ohio. I’m glad to be in Buffalo, NY. It is my home town and the resting spot is my sisters house before we go on to Vermont. I’m looking forward to the last leg of drive to Vermont. It will be during the day and hopefully a little more leisurely. I’ll post the Dick Hathaway state auction pieces in the next day or so. Just 7 or 8 hours of driving, but still so tired.

Tennessee, Kentucky And More About The Dick Hathaway Travels

We are just outside of Columbus Ohio, on our way to bring Dick Hathaway to Vermont and Jenna to her mom. Stopped in Memphis the night before last night and was so glad that I had a friend that lived there so we could get some much needed rest—thanks Sunny.

Another auction item. Playing cards from Kentucky.
My traveling companion and good friend Gloria.
Tennessee Whiskey jelly from the winery. Another auction item.
Another selfie with a Hathaway
Friends hang out and have fun.

Went through Tennessee and before leaving the state picked up another auction item for the Dick Hathaway auction. We found it at a winery. Great place to stop and the blackberry wine was yum. I’ll post the name of this winery later, as it is buried in the SUV, along with the wine glasses I bought for myself. Here we picked up a bottle of Tennessee whiskey jelly. The two ladies at the winery posed with Dick. Driving through Tennessee was uneventful but pretty. The Tennessee auction item is a pack of playing cards, with of course the name of the state. One of the criteria for these auction items. Dick and I took a time out from the trip to play a hand or two. A wonderful person at this Holiday Inn express introduced us to the security guard who watched the SUV last night. Thanks Holiday Inn. We are off for a hot meal. I am surprised at how excited I am about toast. Remember we were out of electricity for a while. Through Ohio and next stop is Western New York. More updates later.

Headed Toward Memphis With Sculptures- Funny Stories and Pictures

We made it to Memphis. 10 + drive. Couldn’t leave Houston until Dick and Jenna were completely secure. Which meant not getting on the road until 3:00. It was a long day, but my traveling companion is great and helps keep me awake and alert. Dick fit into the SUV, which I was thankful for. Jenna is kind of tucked into his lap area feet up in the air. That is the way Jenna would travel anyway. I think I can hear here giggling in the back, under the covers.

The sculpture holding the toothpick holder for the auction.
He is packed in there.
We are taking the evacuation rout.
The officer takes a picture of the sculpture. Luckily that means we didn’t get a ticket. I was so nervous I couldn’t even focus the camera.

We counted 63 electric trucks coming in on 59 as we were headed out. I am thankful for them as I was the electric company from Tampa that was at our home/studio the day before I left. Thank you to all of the states that have helped Houston/Galveston area. 59 is one of those roads that you have to go through a lot of little towns. We could not go highway because, well, frankly we were not sure what the towns or roads would be like east of Houston, so north it was. Just outside of a small town a police car stopped me to “remind me to do the speed limit” my traveling companion, Gloria said, “they are going to think we have a dead body back there.” The officer heard her and glanced back and then jumped. She was so intrigued with the sculpture and taking pictures of it that “remind” us was all that she did. I took a picture of the office, but unfortunately it did not come out. I think I was nervous about the possibility of getting a ticket. I did not, Thank you Dick!

Our route was apparently an evacuation route and it felt appropriate to get a picture of the SUV under one of the signs. The other pictures shows Dick and the souvenirs that we bought for him. In Texas he purchased a thimble, and in Arkansas, Arkansas to be exact, birthplace of Clinton. I wonder what Dick would think about that? In hope we bought a key chain toothpick holder. Can you see these souvenirs in the pictures? We are going to give them to the Dick Hathaway auction that is held regularly at Vermont College in hopes of raising money. I think Dick would like that.

More posts next time we get to
WI FI along the way.

Travel mercies!


We Leave In Two Days!

It will take some time to get to Vermont with two stops on the way. My original traveling companion, besides Dick and Jenna was going to be my daughter, but she could not make it. Luckily I have found a friend to help keep me awake along the way. Went to the foundry today to check on last details and make sure they would have everything ready. I thought I should get a picture of the three of us together.

I know I look like I have the hurricane fog. Yes it is true. I can’t tell you how stressful this last week has been. Went to the bank to get money for the trip. The entire roof was blown off of the bank. In the mall next door the entire side of the mall was gone. Had to stop to get more gas containers for the generator. I feel bad leaving my family in this situation but I am very glad to be leaving Houston and the stress of the post hurricane and survival mode.

Soon we will be in Vermont. Can’t wait to see the changing of the leaves! Dick Hathaway is coming home, along with an angel!